Available in 13 colors in 2 sizes, the Color Aroma Oils are an innovation in holistic wellness, combining Color Therapy with Aromatherapy to receive therapeutic and emotional benefits of BOTH essential oils AND color energies!

Available in 13 colors, Color Aroma Mists can help set and shift energy from the outside in.
Mist around the body to influence the body’s electromagnetic filed (Aura). Mist in rooms to consciously infuse your environment with intentions.

Take your next step as a Professional Color Aroma™ Therapist with these expansive kits! All Color Aroma Practitioner Kits include 15 ml Color Aroma Oils with convenient squeeze-tops that are easy to use and easy to share with your clients/patients/students.

Our Color Aroma Wellness Kits offer you more options with our Color Aroma Oils from sets of 3 to 7 to all 13.