Complete Color Aroma Mist Kit


Color Aroma Mists are available in 13 color energies to help you improve your life from the outside in. Use them generously throughout the day to affect your home/office/car/aura.

Can’t decide which colors you need because they all sound so great?! That’s why you need all the colors. Every color we offer is important, vital and needed by your body being.

This kit includes all 13 Color Aroma Mists in the full size 4 oz bottles at an incredible discount!

The Color Aroma Mist Kit includes: Pink, Deep Red, Bright Red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Deep Violet, Pale Violet and White.
Moods included: I am Loving, I am Abundant, I am Energetic, I am Creative, I am Present, I am Joyful, I am Balanced, I am Inspiring, I am Peaceful, I am Intuitive, I am Meditative, I am Light and I am Whole.

Choose by Color or Choose by Mood, you can trust to be led to the colors that you need.


The Complete Color Aroma Mist Kits includes all 13 mist colors in our full 4 oz bottles. Color Aroma products are a health and wellness innovation combining Aromatherapy with Color Therapy.

These powerful scent-therapy products offer an incredible self-balancing tool and a way to revitalize your bodymindspirit while realizing your potential.

Color Aroma Mists are available in 13 colors.

Mist the Color Aroma Mists around your body to infuse your environment and your personal energy field with color energy intentions and benefits.Choose by Color or Choose by Mood, you can trust to be led to the colors that you need.

All Color Aroma products are packaged in high quality cobalt blue glass bottles to extend the life of your product while connecting you to your intuition. Proudly hand-crafted in Los Osos, California, USA with loving light energy and intentions.

How to use

Basic Application: Shake bottle to mix.

For Color Aroma Mists: Mist Color Aroma around your body, in your environment, and any place you’d like to inspire the intention. Inhale the scent of color and recite the coordinating affirmation silently.

For Color Aroma Oils: Apply 1-2 drops on your palms. Gently massage in your hands to release the aromatics. Inhale and recite the coordinating affirmation silently. Apply on your body (never eyes or mucous membranes) to areas 1) that you’d most like to receive or reflect the coordinating Color Aroma affirmation or 2) simply where you’ll enjoy the scent. When applying several Color Aroma Oils, cleanse palms with unscented soap or baby wipe between anointings so that you may enjoy each unique Color Aroma scent fully.

Optional with all products: Visualize your Color Aroma color filling the area you are misting or anointing.


  • Line up all of your Color Aroma bottles and meditate with the colored glass bead tops. Let yourself be led to the colors you are attracted to, and use accordingly.
  • Choose your colors by the mood affirmation printed on the label. If it feels like that’s what you are intending for the day, utilize that Color Aroma.
  • Use your Color Aromas often throughout your day to refresh your intentions and stay consciously focused.
  • Consider stimulating colors to rev-up your energy at the start of day: Bright Red, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, and Pale Violet.
  • Consider non-stimulating colors before bed: Deep Red, Gold, Pale Blue (most recommended for insomnia), Royal Blue, and Deep Violet.
  • To receive further, more personalized guidance, order a customized color prescription.
  • Let your intuition guide you. That’s one of the main reasons the Color Aroma Oils & Mists are packaged in Royal Blue glass bottles—to stimulate your intuition. Enjoy!

*Note- Please read all directions on label. These oils are never to be ingested, and are not intended for use with animals or children.