The Healer’s Course

A comprehensive 4 Module Webinar

Learn Vital Techniques to Help Yourself and Others

The Healer's Course

Awaken your Innate Healing Gifts

Refine Your Sensitivities – Prevent “Burnout”

Expand your Awareness of What it Means to be a “Healer”

$147 for all 4 classes

I’m so happy to offer you this combination of self care techniques PLUS simple practices to refine your art of supporting others. I’ve compiled these energy-balancing practices and conscious awareness shifts from what I’ve learned over the last 29 years+ in the healing arts. This course really is a MUST for anyone that cares for others and wants to learn valuable and easy techniques for self-care.

If you typically feel drained from giving,

you need to learn the practices in this course.

You Will Learn:

  • What it Means to Be a ‘Healer’
  • Vital Grounding Techniques
  • How to Stay Centered Amidst Chaos
  • The Role of Unconditional Love in Healing
  • How to Send Energy Psychically
  • Using your Hands to Help Heal
  • The Importance of Breath in Healing
  • How to Expand Your Energy So You Have More Energy to Give
  • How to Deepen your Intuitive Abilities
  • Sensing Energy Personalities to Help You Help Others Better
  • Cleansing Energies to Create Healthier Environments
  • Managing Your Treatment/Practice Room/Office
  • How to Attract Clients
  • A Powerful Abundance Protocol
  • Marketing Your Service

This Program Will Help You:

  • Learn how to manage your energy while working with others.
  • Have extra energy so you always have more to give.
  • Understand the function of your inner and outer energy.
  • Treat your Aura and pay attention to it.
  • Feel stable in/with your sensitivities.
  • Honor your Earth body so you feel more grounded, stable, and trustworthy.
  • Breathe more deeply more often and experience a personal energy shift as a result.
  • Deepen into your intuition so you can use it and trust it more!
  • Develop greater awareness and compassion.

You Will Receive:

  • Web Access to 4 Online Webinars with Voice Instruction
  • Valuable Course Handouts
  • Access to your Online Course for a full 30 Days– Plus no expiration Audio Download!
  • A Comprehensive Reading List
  • Q & A Follow Up Email
  • Discounts on Color Aroma Oils and Mists
  • Special Private Mentoring Offer

Enroll for $147