The Conscious Colors Online Course has been a dream come true and has opened a whole new world for me! My background is as a certified herbalist, certified yoga teacher and artist. This course has brought my knowledge and skills to a whole new level. I look forward to incorporating each element of the Color Aroma Therapy into my work. I found this course to be workable pace, the body of knowledge is in-depth, very clear, and concise. Getting trained as a Color Aroma Therapist has been a life changing event. I am now able to use this body of knowledge and bring this to life with my paintings and into my daily life. A beautiful gift!” – Jen Lashua, VT

The Conscious Colors Online Color Therapy Course was just the boost I needed. As someone who’s completed extensive color therapy training before, this class absolutely filled in some missing and necessary pieces. It moved me to into more confident practice by imparting deeper, direct experiences of the physicality of color. Constance Hart’s depth, integrity, and lighthearted wisdom transcends any potential limitation of an on-line course. The Color Aroma Oils and Mists she has created are potent, special, and full of beneficial humanitarian energy. If you are looking for the real deal, personally and professionally, all I can say is THIS IS THE CLASS!” -Kerrie Workman, MN

The Conscious Colors Course was one of the best workshops I’ve attended. As a yoga instructor and massage therapist, I went into the classes having a fair amount of knowledge about the chakra system. Even so, the training helped to deepen my knowledge and expand my awareness of the chakras. Constance Hart is a gifted healer and teacher, and I felt supported as I explored the chakra system through her unique perspective with Color Aroma and Color Sound Healing. This has ignited a desire to learn more about all these modalities, and I have brought them into my yoga classes and massage practice. Thank you Constance!” -Robyn Rigoni, CA

Wow. Every aspect of the Conscious Colors Course was so well designed and presented that I am eager to continue my exploration and experience with these awesome healing tools. The course and manual do an excellent job connecting the dots between chakras, color energy, affirmations, aromatherapy and so much more. After class, the healing professional is ready to start a Color Aroma practice or add to an existing practice because Constance Hart has provided all the essentials.” –Diana Bertinuson, CA

As a yoga instructor (200 RYT) I am committed to the study of the wonderful components of yoga. I recently completed the fantastic Conscious Color Practitioner Course. Constance provided a wonderful, informative syllabus I now use for reference. The workshop was filled with countless practical demonstrations that have been most helpful to use in my practice as an instructor. I purchased the Color Aroma Kit and am thrilled with the quality. They are amazing. I love them, and my students love them as well! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about the subtle energy body for your personal life or for your business! I’m grateful I found Constance Hart and this course!” -Heidi Rayden, CA

I would recommend the Conscious Colors Online Course for anyone that is aspiring to learn more about Color Therapy, Chakra Balancing, and Color Aroma Therapy, as well as grow their business/practice. Constance Hart has a very soothing voice and is very easy to listen to. While taking the course she has you use the Color Aroma Oils and Mists on yourself, so you have an optimal learning experience. I learned so much about the chakras, their energy, and which Color Aroma Oils work best for each chakra. It was fascinating for me to understand the body’s energy better. I love the Color Aromas and using them in such a healing way.” -Julie Yearsley, UT

I really liked this course! As a reiki master, I was definitely able to deepen my education about the chakras and explore new, creative ways to support the body and personal energy systems in a natural, healthy way. I also have a clear understanding of how to use the Color Aroma Oils and Mists more effectively for supporting self care.” – Creative Katrina, CO

I had heard about Conscious Colors from a friend, and I was instantly intrigued. I had always known about the color/chakra correlation, as well as the power of positive affirmations, and wanted to learn how aromatherapy played out in the process. I jumped at the opportunity to take the Color Aroma Therapy Online Course. The course materials are concise, and the Color Aroma kits speak for themselves…WOW! Unexpectedly, through my course study, I was able to process and remove my own traumas, blockages and wounds. I experienced a profound healing and now know first hand, the incredible benefits of this divinely channeled healing modality by Constance Hart. With deep gratitude, I look forward to delving in deeper.” – Nadine Wolf, FL

The Conscious Colors Course changed the way I teach yoga. Using Color Aroma Therapy enhances my classes and helps me to provide something different for my students. Constance Hart has such a great teaching style and conveys the information in a easy-to-understand manner and as a bonus, you get to smell the wonderful Color Aromas throughout the training. I would definitely recommend her course and I can’t wait to take her Chakra Restorative Yoga training!” – Michelle Bachman, CA

I felt a very deep positive shift and opening during Constance’s Chakra Restorative Yoga retreat, I instantly knew this needed to be a bigger part of my life. During the Conscious Colors Course I journeyed with the beautiful vibrations of Color Aroma, and Color Sound Healing and my own healing process. Constance Hart has an open and sharing teaching style. Constance is one of the most clear and effective speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to, with an amazing resume of learning, practicing, teaching wholeness that over many many years has culminated in the development of Conscious Colors and I feel blessed to have been able to learn from her and am starting to utilize and integrate this work into my own practice. My clients are truly amazed by this new addition to my work and are describing major shifts in their lives. My life continues to change daily as I invite Color Aroma and Color Sound Healing in!In Gracious Gratitude.” -Dawn Noel, Nicaragua

I’m excited about my new depth of knowledge about the chakras I learned in the Conscious Colors Course and the new experience (and understanding) of working with the Color Aroma Oils and Mists. I’m looking forward to sharing this powerful tool with friends, family and customers.”
–Nicole Donati, Owner, Tree Top Yoga

After years of exploring the world of chakras, color, sound, and essential oils, the was exactly what I needed to make the bridge between these arts and bring them purposefully in my practice. Today I celebrate the healing of my clients’ ailments as I use the Color Aroma principles I have learned with Constance Hart to support them! Mahalo Ke Akua!”- Naima Audant, HI

I very much enjoyed The Healer’s Course and have incorporated several of the practices you shared into my everyday life. I’m so pleased with the results! I feel well-supported energetically, and more confident in my ability to help myself feel better during the tough moments.” Miriam Meadow, WA

I am so enjoying the Healer’s Online Course and totally savoring each moment. I love learning at home in my own environment…listen, pause and soak it in…and the availability of completing it in my own timing.” -Debbie Maggipinto, CA

We’ve received lasting benefits from your wonderful Healer’s Course. Too often the benefits of a class are short lasting (if at all!). We both found the opposite from your teaching, we continue to grow everyday.” -Mel Hunter and Colleen Love, CA


I’m a huge fan and loyal supporter of the Color Aroma products. My daily routine includes starting my day by choosing the Color Aroma which vibrates with my physical and emotional awareness at the time. The affirmation on each bottle always guides me in choosing the “right” bottle. I recommend these products highly. And…I use them in place of perfume because the aromas are heavenly.” -Carolyn Harootunian, AZ

I am deeply grateful that the Color Aromas are part of my life. I start each morning using them and carry with me my “rescue pack”. Life can through curves or challenges or stressful situations. Conscious Colors always help to smooth out life’s little bumps and help me to “respond rather than react”. Their fragrance sooths the soul as well as brings joy, self-confidence and centeredness.” -Karen Witter, CA

I LOVE Conscious Colors, Color Aroma, and Constance Hart. I am a nationally licensed massage therapist since 2000 and my daily use of Color Aroma has had a very positive and profound effect on myself and my work as a therapist. I am very grateful for my experiences and growth, both professionally and personally.” -Susie Bland, HI

I have always been fascinated with the concept of Osmosis… now I find it taking place in my life on a holistic level through my explorations with Color Aroma Therapy. I experienced profound and immediate effects, and I feel the positive benefits of relaxation, openness, and balance. This osmotic process is coloring my world on every level. I use the Color Aroma Oils everyday and they support me in whatever I am trying to accomplish. I am more aware of how the colors around me are impacting how I feel and I practice color imagery throughout the day to enhance my mood. I’m happy to say I’m now a lighter, brighter, more open and more balanced me!!” – Marcia Page, CA

The Color Aromas support me daily remembering what I am in truth, helping activate those internal energies that may be weak at times and veil the light of pure being. A wonderful support, the combination of oils, scents, colors, to go deeper and explore what’s on. I really love it.” -Cornelia Mueller, Germany

These products are incredible. I notice an immediate difference with how I feel whenever I use the Color Aromas. I feel better! I love how they are connected to each chakra and they really do smell like the corresponding color. It has helped my meditation so much.” -Lyn Joberg, CA

“I have been a fan of Conscious Colors for more than 5 years now, but recently have had an even deeper experience of the power, wisdom and freedom that are available through the Color Aroma healing. I am using my Color Aromas on a regular basis and my inner landscape has shifted dramatically. I am more at peace, more in my power center, less prone to be thrown by outer circumstance and feeling more joy! And to think, all this does come in a bottle.” -Karen Duggan, CA

I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I saw a client yesterday who was complaining of a lower back pain. I used the Color Aroma Oils at the marma points and it left immediately.
Thank you for the amazing oils. I love them! It is wonderful to have them in my tool-kit and I know that I shall be using them a lot in my healing work.” -Wrena Mathews, CA

Thank you for the wonderful Color Aroma Oil set! We’ve created a ritual before our team meetings where we pick a color/bottle that speaks to us and set an intention before jumping into our important tasks for the day. This really helps to ground and bring presence to our space. You have such a gift!” –
Hong Vo, TX

You have a gift and I am so grateful that you are able to share it with others. The Conscious Colors Club is a great idea. I’m looking forward to learning more about color energy. I ordered the Deep Red Color Aroma Oil a few months ago and have been sharing it with friends and family.” -Jennifer, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Constance Hart’s teachings have been central to the expansion of my knowledge base, professional offerings and life enthusiasm. Nothing can compare to the direct daily life improvement that Color Aroma Therapy has provided.” -Zan Ferris, CA

Constance Hart opened up my world to Color Aroma Therapy and the effect it has on balancing the chakras. I have practiced sound healing for several year and combining it with the Color Aromas has brought my practice to a higher level with profound results. Mahalo Constance for your standards of excellence in creating your colors, teaching and inspiration.” -Dr. Bonnie Marsh, HI

‪I love working with my Color Aroma “prescription” and using my Color Aroma Oils and Mists each morning. I get such a feeling of joy, and they always bring me a sense of calm, peace, and vitality. I highly recommend! People always comment on how nice I smell also! So subtle and light.‬” -Sue Cameron‪, CA

I love my Color Aromas because they provide the grounding effects of ritual–sitting at my small alter, applying oils, saying affirmations–with the aesthetics of color, smell, and light. Color Aromas are my favoirte tool to use to keep me connected to my big “S”-self. And they make great gifts. I love spreading the color–the love, really–to all my friends and family.” -Leslie St John, CA

As a scientist I understood that color is energy, but not until working with the Color Aroma Oilsdid I really ‘get’ what it can do for us. They can bring peace of mind, clarity of purpose, grounding, and healing for our own energy body. I can’t recommend highly enough a healing session with Constance Hart. She is an Angel amoung us, and is so very knowledgeable and generous with her gifts. The Color Aromas she has developed are something I use daily and won’t be without. They balance my psyche and are a gift of harmony and good health . . . and they smell great too!” -Heather Vallier, CA

The Conscious Colors Color Sound Healing and Color Aroma Therapy has revolutionized not only my yoga practice, but my health and well-being as well. I have the Color Aroma Oils with me in Thailand and use them on a daily basis. Constance Hart is a pioneer in the healing arts and a gifted healer at that. Namaste Constance.” -Monique Navarro, Thailand


If you are ready to live a powerful life, in line with your highest dreams and goals, have great relationships, love and an abundance of money/opportunities flowing in…schedule a session with Constance Hart. After following her advise and working with the Color Aroma Oils and visualizations, 2 weeks later I met the man of my dreams and purchased the yoga studio that I now own and run.” – Gisela Powell, Awareness Center Yoga Studio, Pasadena, CA

I have been having regular phone consultations with Constance Hart and they have been a huge support to my growth & development. It is wonderful to work with a personally chosen Color Aroma prescription. The energetic connection over the phone is palpable – I sometimes feel my energy shift then and there as we are speaking, and Constance’s ability to tune into my state and her insights are amazing. I would highly recommend a phone consultation to anyone who is drawn to this work.” -Nina Bain, Osteopath, England

I was “introduced” to Constance Hart’s work through some of her articles. I wanted the balance and energy she wrote of, in both my life and my home. I was just unable to move on it. What could be safer than an email consultation? From just a few e-mailed questions, Constance was able to dissect me. She addressed my fear of moving forward, gave me much-needed guidance and then suggested painting. The paint brightened everything up. I am still amazed at how right she called it. She actually gave me back life!” -Janet Boucher, MO

I so appreciate the way Constance Hart combined business marketing savvy with intuitive wisdom to provide me with a solid recommendation which allowed me to bring my colorful personality into the way I present my business. Constance saw me using a color palette that is fairly standard in business consulting, but lacked a reflection of who I am. I highly recommend Constance Hart’s unique and inspired guidance in all things personal and professional.” -Karen Duggan, Founder, The MindWorks Company

Constance Hart is a gifted intuitive healer. Her multidimensional approach to working with me in sessions has served me professionally, personally, and spiritually. I love my Color Aromas because they add joy and uplifting energy to my everyday life. I also use them on my clients which is helpful for their journey! I highly recommend receiving Constance’s private sessions and studying with her by taking the Conscious Colors Course.” -Lisa Jansen, CA

Constance Hart is amazing. Our team was a bit skeptical about doing “holistic” stuff but as soon as she started working with us, we quickly realized that the work she does is practical and results-oriented. She’s a master in aligning teams and getting them “clear” – both in terms of intention and in terms of space. Our business started to pick up immediately and I can truly say we are more “in the zone.” -Roberto Blain, President, QuPeople, Talent Acquisition Solutions

Constance Hart’s Conscious Color’s for businesses program is a really wonderful and useful process. My business partner and I were having difficulties making decisions on the color of our logo and Constance took us through a very unique and systematic way of finding the colors that resonated with our personalities and our business. Now we absolutely love our logo and so does everyone who sees it!” -Rick Colella, Owner, Insight Yoga

Constance Hart has brightened my life with Color. She has supported and guided my personal growth through colorful interaction with all environments and interactions I encounter on a daily basis. She has provided me with excellent tools to strengthen my inner and outer charkas, which in turn I reach out to life with balance and confidence. I look forward to our sessions to continue to grow and develop to my fullest positive potential personally and professionally.
-Heather Espinoza, Owner, Developmental Milestones, Inc.

“Constance Hart is a gifted healer, intuitive and supporter of growth. Whenever I work with her I feel enveloped by her loving presence; she is a true “light worker” and leading edge entrepreneur in her field. She is working with “New Earth Technology” of sound, color and high frequency vibration. I am a more gentle, loving, powerful and intuitive person…and I contribute a lot of these shifts and changes to working with her consistently for a 6 month periond. Her work is especially powerful when one devotes oneself to the affirmation and Color Aroma prescriptions on a daily basis.” -Martina Cornelius, CA

With her grace, skill, kindness and intuition, Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart always shifts my energy over the phone on our Phone Sessions. She gets to the heart of any matter by skillfully tuning into my energy, words and vibrations. I am transformed by her work…and empowered. I feel happier and more relaxed. Her work is absolutely remarkable.” – Tara Clair Candoli, CA

My healing sessions with Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart supports me in a way no other work ever has. During a particularly tough time, Constance has listened and helped me address my obstacles and emotional reactions using colorful soul work that results in such relief. I have studied and worked with many modalities of healing, with coaches, mentors, teachers and healers all my life. The way Constance observes, shares and guides from her experience and knowledge includes such compassion that touches my soul. Her gift is being a light.”
– Kathleen Mierswa, HI

When I realized I needed professional guidance, I called on Conscious Colors. I’m deeply impressed by Constance Hart’s wise, always present, yet non-intrusive guidance. She is a rare combination of a highly spiritual person and business woman, as well as a real pleasure to work with.”
-Zara Zeitountsian, Co-Owner, Heartbeat House, CA

My sessions with Constance Hart have been magical, transformative, opening, and grounding. I find her wise suggestions true on a soul-level. I have made numerous positive changes in my daily life, including considering the colors in my clothing and environment, using her affirmations and Color Aromas, as well as breathing exercises. With Constance’s help, I feel that I am evolving into the person I have always wanted to become. I am more gentle with myself and others, and my mind has quieted. I am smiling and laughing more. My creativity is flourishing. I am better able to handle challenges and situations which caused stress in the past. Life is unfolding as it should, and I am excited about all the good things which await in my future!” -Christina, CA

The choice to seek Constance’s guidance was undoubtedly one of the wisest, healthiest and life-changing decisions I ever made. I just recently transitioned into owning my own business and through Constance’s guidance and incredible talent with color therapy, I came to open my blocked areas, in which finding balance within myself had definitely become a necessity. The color therapy, in addition to her meditative support, helped me gain insight into every facet of my being and strengthen myself as an effective businessman. From a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical perspective, Constance continues to guide me on my journey, making it possible to see life in vibrant color.
-Chris Sax,CA

After only a few sessions, I experienced an immediate shift of energy, a release and letting go of much negativity, doubt, fear and despair which had been clouding my vision and harming my life and relationships in many ways. I continued with weekly, biweekly and then monthly sessions and it has been and continues to be truly amazing and life changing. The environment Constance Hart creates is fantastically ethereal, peaceful, comforting, healing, magical. She promotes personal growth and exploration and freely and intuitively imparts knowledge, wisdom, truth and inspiration with every
breath. It is my wish that all mankind experience this type of uplifting, centering and divine healing.” -Shelley Seckel, CA

Constance Hart a gifted Healer and I am Blessed to have had her support through the years. I use the Color Aroma oils and follow her guidance. I remember her words and feel the powerful healing of the oils.” Linda S., CA

My Color Therapy sessions have really given my meditations more focus now and now that I have my Color Aroma affirmations memorized, they pop in my head when I start getting stressed– it’s a gentle reprogramming. I find myself more mindful of my energy.” -Annie Vallesteros, CA