Zoominars & Circles

Zoominars with Constance Hart

Full Spectrum Orbit™ Healing

to Awaken the Full Spectrum Self

Tuesday, February 9th, 9:00am-10:15am PST, 12:00pm EST, $24 USD

NOW AVAILABLE! Full VIDEO recording $24


This is an incredible workshop!  I’ve created an expansive map/guide to the subtle energy body called the Full Spectrum Orbit™ which you’ll learn in this class. Learning about the Full Spectrum Orbit and how to utilize its wisdom with Color Energy Healing will transform the way you work with the subtle energy body. See interview with me below.

The Conscious Colors Full Spectrum Orbit™ reveals vital energy pathways that help to circulate inner energy while simultaneously connecting the human body to the Earth and the cosmos. In addition this orbit initiates a heightened flow of giving and receiving energy. The benefits are profound and long-lasting. And, of course IN FULL COLOR!

So often in a healing journey you, or your client/patient/student, can reach a point where it feels like there’s no progress or it’s too hard to manifest positive change or the body won’t budge out of its distress, challenges, or illness. This is why it’s important to remember all the forces of light living energy we humans are truly connected with and have access to. Once this energy connection is awakened the body can be a better vessel for light living energy.

Consciously tuning into the Full Spectrum Orbit while inviting color energy consciously, offers an incredible healing. The body feels elevated, while the mind expansive. When all color rays are circulating throughout the body, the self feels more aligned with its true essence of light living energy.

In this Session You’ll Learn:

  • The Conscious Colors Full Spectrum Orbit™ – an expanded view of the subtle energy body
  • The key benefits of utilizing this orbit with your self/clients/patients/students
  • 5 fundamental principles for working with this energy map
  • 8 vital ways to run color energy through the orbit to awaken the full spectrum self

Plus, receive a re-awakening of your own vital life force energy.


Learn More- Watch this fun Interview about me and this class:

special zoominar


I share two Color Energy Healing attunements that you can utilize to start practicing with your self/clients/patients/students.

You’ll learn a bit more about the Conscious Colors philosophy and enjoy a positive shift of energy.

I was thrilled to be part of this special event brought to you by one of my Color Therapist friends in Austria. I’m in such great company here with some special colleagues in the fields of Color and Light Therapy. 6 international color/light experts, located between California and Denmark will offer their holiday season present to you: A colorful visualization, an inspiring eye test, a creative play, a blissful meditation, an energetic inspiration …so you can feed your soul, lift your spirits, enlighten your season.

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