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Zoominars with Constance Hart

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I was thrilled to be part of this special event brought to you by one of my Color Therapist friends in Austria. I’m in such great company here with some special colleagues in the fields of Color and Light Therapy. 6 international color/light experts, located between California and Denmark will offer their holiday season present to you: A colorful visualization, an inspiring eye test, a creative play, a blissful meditation, an energetic inspiration …so you can feed your soul, lift your spirits, enlighten your season.

As part of the Color Lights World Project, we’re each teaching a one hour Zoominar in 2021. FIND MORE INFO ABOUT MY FULL ZOOMINAR BELOW

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My session comes in at 1:03:08 and I share two Color Energy Healing attunements with you. You’ll learn a little bit more about my philosophy with Color Therapy and enjoy a positive shift of energy.

Color Lights World Project- Full Spectrum Orbit Healing with Constance Hart

Tuesday, February 9th, 9:00 am PST, 12:00pm, EST, 18:00 CET

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I’m eager to teach this session! Learning about the microcosmic orbit and how to utilize its wisdom with Color Energy Healing will transform the way you work with the subtle energy body. The microcosmic orbit is a vital energy pathway that helps to circulate inner energy while simultaneously connecting the human body to the Earth and the cosmos.

Consciously tuning into this pathway, while meditating with the full spectrum of color energy, offers an incredible healing sensation. The body feels elevated, while the mind expansive. When all color rays are circulating throughout the body, the self feels more aligned with its true essence of light living energy.  This Color Healing encourages the body to be a vessel for light energy with a heightened flow of giving and receiving energy.

In this Session You’ll:

  • Learn an expanded view of the microcosmic orbit– the Conscious Colors Full Spectrum Orbit.
  • Gain a deeper awareness of the function of the mind in healing.
  • Learn 5 vital ways to focus  color energy with this view of the subtle energy body.
  • Receive a re-awakening of your own vital life force energy.

Join Me for $20 euro, $24 U.S. dollars

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