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Upcoming Live Schedule:Color, Light, and Self Awareness with ColorLights World Project

Tuesday, November 30th, 10:00am PT, 1:00pm ET, $22.90

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Intro to Color Aroma™ Therapy for Biotone EDU Talks

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Professional Pre-Recorded Masterclass Series

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Note- you do not need to be a certified Conscious Colors Color Aroma practitioner to take these workshops. These are tools for all professional practitioners including therapists, counselors, holistic nurses, meditation and yoga instructors, coaches, massage therapists energy healers, reiki practitioners and more! If you’re curious and want to learn more…..Join!

$29 each class $99 for series of four

 Polishing the Aura

 Learn the why, what, how, and when techniques for creating the conscious energy home of the Aura

 Conscious Colors Expansions

Learn the newest and most current language of light PLUS new ways to think about color therapy & the “attraction” field

 How to Give Online Color Therapy Sessions

Learn Conscious Colors innovations to help you share and incorporate colors in your unique online sessions

 Moving Beyond the Chakras

 Learn the new Conscious Colors HueBeing™ support centers and beyond!

$29 each class

$99 for series of four

Full Spectrum Orbit™ Healing to Awaken the Full Spectrum Self

NOW AVAILABLE! Full online video masterclass $24

The Conscious Colors Full Spectrum Orbit™ is an expansive new map/guide to the subtle energy body. It will completely transform the way you work with the physical body. The Full Spectrum Orbit reveals vital energy pathways that help to circulate inner energy, while simultaneously connecting the human body to the abundant healing resources of energy of the Earth and the Cosmos. In addition, this orbit initiates a heightened flow of giving and receiving energy. You will LOVE having this ally in your healing and balancing toolkit! 

So often in a healing journey you, or your client/patient/student, can get overly-fixated on the physical dimension of the self and on bodily symptoms, reaching a point where it feels like there’s no progress, or it’s too hard to manifest positive change, or the body won’t budge out of its distress, challenges, or illness. This is why it’s important to remember all the forces of light living energy the body has access to. Once this energy connection is awakened, the body can be a better vessel for light living energy. The benefits are profound and long-lasting. Plus, every time you tune into the orbit, you’ll re-awaken your own vital life force energy giving you more energy to serve others.

In this Masterclass You’ll Learn:

The key components of the Conscious Colors Full Spectrum Orbit™ – an expanded view of the subtle energy body

5 fundamental principles to help you work with subtle energy and mind cosmology

8 vital ways to run color energy through the orbit

Expand your understanding and inspire your creativity

 This is an incredible workshop! Learn More- Watch this fun Interview:

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Guided Meditations- Audio Series

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I share two Color Energy Healing attunements that you can utilize to start practicing with your self/clients/patients/students.

You’ll learn a bit more about the Conscious Colors philosophy and enjoy a positive shift of energy.

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Visit and Subscribe to the Conscious Colors YouTube Channel Here