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Classes and Circles on this page are for anyone interested in life development , emotional wellness, and expanding consciousness.

Workshops are more tailored to professional practitioners including therapists, counselors, coaches, holistic nurses, meditation teachers, yoga instructors, massage/energy therapists, plus anyone that feels called to learn more! Join my YouTube channel if you want to learn more.

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Free Classes:  Intro to Color Aroma

Professional Workshops:

Full Spectrum Orbit™ Healing

So often in a healing journey you, or your client/patient/student, can get overly-fixated on the physical dimension of the self and on bodily symptoms, reaching a point where it feels like there’s no progress, or it’s too hard to manifest positive change, or the body won’t budge out of its distress, challenges, or illness.

This is why it’s important to remember all the forces of light living energy the body has access to. Once this energy connection is awakened, the body can be a better vessel for light living energy. The benefits are profound and long-lasting. Plus, every time you tune into the orbit, you’ll re-awaken your own vital life force energy giving you more energy to serve others.

In this Workshop You’ll Learn:

The key components of the Conscious Colors Full Spectrum Orbit™ – an expanded view of the subtle energy body

5 fundamental principles to help you work with subtle energy and mind cosmology

8 vital ways to run color energy through the orbit

Expand your understanding and inspire your creativity


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The Conscious Colors Healing Sanctuary returns in June, 2024

Widow/Widower Support Circles

The death of a spouse/partner/beloved is a unique grief experience, and being with other widows/widowers offers a special support.

One thing that’s for sure, it’s actually “nice” to be in the company of other widows, because we are uniquely bonded in this experience, and we all know how challenging it is in so many ways.

We certainly are bonded through our love for our loved ones.

I know, as I’m a widow, now in my 6th year.

Join me in this gentle caring environment I create to receive compassionate support navigating through and with your emotions.

In this circle you will feel held and nurtured in your feelings, witnessed and appreciated for however far you’ve come through your journey thus far.

I also provide a combination of supportive self-care techniques including conscious deep breathing practices and color energy meditations. I let my intuition guide me to support you.  One thing is for sure,  we leave circle feeling nourished in some way.

Grief is an experience we all need help and support with. I know how challenging it is and it’s definitely not easy!

After my belovED husband died unexpectedly in 2018, I was in a state of shock. I’ve experienced the full gamut of emotions, stages, and phases- just like you have, including deep anxiety, panic, fear, and depression. I’ve also asked for and received a lot of help. You can, too.

I’m passionate about paying forward what I’ve learned, what I practice, and continue to learn along  the way. I’ve attended everything from group to private therapy, even a West African grief ritual. Your path can be different. What I’ve learned for sure is every grief journey is unique, and takes its own time.

Please remember, there is no time limit for grief. 

Asking for and receiving support is truly one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I’m honored to help in this way.