Audio Meditations

Guided Attunements and Meditation Classes with Constance Hart

chakra balancing guided meditations

Scroll down to enjoy some Conscious Colors livestreams, guided meditations and Color Therapy attunements for your deeper learning.

You’ll love these sessions!

Each audio journey teaches you how to attune yourself and your clients with emotional wellness utilizing color therapy, the inner energy centers, mindfulness, meditation, and guided imagery techniques.

Inspire your creativity and get new ideas to help teach your clients/students/patients, and of course, yourself!

The classes for purchase are approximately 35-45 minutes. You’ll be able to download and save each class/practice for repeat listening.

Enjoy this “re-membering your light self” meditation class with white light:

There’s a 3 minute introduction, so skip to minute 3 if you want to get right into the practice! 

Listen Here for a “new beginnings and new choices” attunement with turquoise and yellow:

Take this free meditation class I teach monthly for Dignity Health:

Click Here to Watch

Free Live Channeled Color Consciousness from the pandemic times:

Note- the following recordings were recorded outside in nature during the pandemic.  Still certainly useful for ALL times! All recordings for purchase are higher-quality recordings, recorded indoors and are “classroom style” meditations and teachings.

Pink Ray- Loving Kindness

Yellow Ray- Love Feeling Good Script

Gold Ray- Anxiety Soother

Confidence in Abundance- Deep Red & Deep Violet Attunement

Lifting & Shifting Depression- Yellow & Violet Attunement

Allow and Feel Emotions Attunement

Big I Little I- White Light










Color Therapy Basics Bundle Includes:
7 energy center color attunements
2 complete color journeys
1 chakra light body
1 conscious coloring class
1 awaken your light body class
12 sessions total reg. $132 NOW>>>$89