Conversations with Color™


Ready to realize your highest potential of well being?

Ready to shift negative thoughts, doubts, and fears?

Ready to have life-changing tools to help you navigate emotions and flow better with change?

Take this transformative journey with color and

experience first-hand how life-changing the Conscious Colors modality is.

There’s so much more to color than meets the eye!

Each color is a powerful emotional ally. 

Colors also hold therapeutic wisdom to help the physical body.

And >>> colors can help guide your thoughts.

When you learn how to tap into the deeper wisdom of color, you’ll have a transformational tool you can use daily to see your intentions become reality.

For wellness professionals and transformational coaches, adding Color Psychology and Color Therapy to your tool kit will help you better help your clients/patients/students flow with change and handle life’s challenges so you can provide even more outstanding results.

Start your learning journey here, with yourself.

In the Conversations With Color series, you’ll have a life-changing experience with 13 key colors and feel a shift on all levels- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

You’ll experience first-hand color’s multidimensional benefits and have your own profound wellness improvements.  

In just five weeks, you’ll truly feel attuned with your inherent wellness.

You’ll also learn how to utilize colors to support your emotions, work with your thoughts, and tap into your highest level of intuition so you have a daily source of empowerment you can count on.

Plus, you’ll learn a proven method of magnetizing your desires to you simply by utilizing colors consciously.

Are you ready to have an easier time flowing with change?

Are you ready to be your highest, lightest, clearest, wisest, most prosperous you?

I invite you to join me LIVE online for this powerful immersion into Color Therapy and Color Psychology!

Each LIVE group Zoom session includes a depth-filled immersion into 3 specific colors enhanced by the Conversations With Color™ guided affirmation scripts.
Consider each session
part- training course, part-meditative experience, part self-healing journey.

 And if you’re excited to get certified in Color Therapy, Color Psychology, and Color Aroma™ Therapy to help others, this is the place you start. The Conversations With Color series is module one of the Complete Conscious Colors Certification Program.

Color Psychology and Color Therapy Visionary Constance Hart


• The Transformative Possibilities of 13 Key Colors

• The Emotional Support Benefits of Colors 

• How Colors Interact With Our Thoughts and Views

• Powerful Ways to Work With Color for Daily Results

And More!

 Each session includes transformative color attunements, valuable self-inquiry exercises, and basic Color Therapy training.*

You’ll revel in your own life-changing AHA moments and feel fully supported each week as you journey into your own powerful self expansion.

PLUS learn how to support others through this innovative wisdom with me as your guide.

“The environment Constance Hart creates is fantastically ethereal, peaceful, comforting, healing, and magical. She promotes personal growth and exploration, while she freely and intuitively imparts wisdom, truth, and inspiration with every breath. It is my wish that all mankind experiences this type of uplifting, centering, and divine healing.” -Shelley Seckel, Conscious Colors client


The complete 49 page Conversations With Color™ E Book with 13 Valuable Meditation Scripts


• Five Live Online 3-Hour Training Classes with Color Attunements (Value $827)

Conversations With Color™ E Book (Value $29)

• 13 Downloadable Color Audio Meditations (Reg. $351)

• One Color Aroma™ Oil (5ml size) of your choice (Reg. $26)

  • Follow Up Handouts for Each Week’s Self Inquiry Exercises


• All Audio Replays of Each Class

Attend live for the most powerful and profound benefits.

When you attend live, you have an exclusive opportunity to win Color Aroma™ Mists throughout your journey!


All of the Above


This Color Aroma Oil Personal Wellness Kit

To have a deeper experience in Conversations With Color and have a more profound healing journey.

You shift the bodymindspirit every time you inhale Color Aroma.

“As a yoga and reiki healing practitioner, Conscious Colors has helped me offer a higher vibration to my clients. I use the Color Aroma™ Oils and Mists in all of my work and I see a transformational effect with everyone who experiences them. Color Aroma is unlike anything else. Each blend is exquisite and they seem so jump off my shelf appropriately for each client’s needs. I’ve been enjoying Color Aroma since 2005, and each product remains beautifully consistent in quality. I highly recommend this course!  The course is very organized and the material we cover is a pleasure and delivered in a way that makes it fun and easy to learn the concept and applications.” Tracy Airth – Peaceful Shift

 Join me for this immersion into positive change and life enrichment.

This series will transform the way you flow with thoughts, emotions, and your life in general so you have an easier life experience and build your abundance.

I look forward to supporting you!


5 WEEK SERIES $597 (Value $1,233)


“SERIES PLUS” OPTION $797 (Value $1,512)

With Complete Color Aroma Oil Kit (5ml size)


Final Enrollment For Either Option is June 25, 2024


Saturday, June 29th 11:00am – 2:30pm PT

Saturday, July 13th 11:00am – 2:30pm PT

Saturday, July 20th 11:00 am – 2:30pm PT

Saturday, July 27th 11:00 am – 2:30pm PT

Saturday, August 10th 11:00am – 2:30pm PT

Each Session Includes a 20-30 minute break (time determined upon participant vote)

For transformational coaches, therapists, and wellness professionals:

you’ll learn how to utilize color to help your clients/patients/students manage their mind, emotions, and intentions to create long-lasting positive results.

For design professionals and creatives:

you’ll learn a new way of looking at colors for your projects that communicate vision, mission, benefits, and purpose.Watch Video Intro Here


Constance Hart is an internationally recognized Color Psychology and Color Therapy Expert- a pioneer in the field. As the Founder/Developer of Conscious Colors® and Innovator of the Color AromaColor Therapy system, Constance has dedicated over thirty years to teaching the profound intersection of thoughts, colors, emotions, and wellness. She has certified many practitioners through the Conscious Colors certification course and is a true wellness luminary. Constance also maintains a private practice offering Color Therapy and Intuitive Guidance sessions. Learn More About Constance Hart Here