Private Sessions

Light Support with Constance Hart

As a skilled Color Therapist, Intuitive Guide, and Professional Mentor, I’m here to inspire you by gently guiding you toward the most expansive version of yourself. I utilize wisdom practices I’ve honed over the last thirty-three years in the healing and wellness arts to efficiently get to the heart of your challenges, while supporting what’s in the process of evolving. I utilize a combination of Color Psychology, Intuitive Channeling, and Holistic Wellness techniques to help you shift from where you are now to where you want to be, on any subject. For my professional mentoring clients, I pay forward all the professional training and wisdom I’ve acquired in support of your up-leveling. At the heart of every session is aligning your emotions, thoughts, and intentions to your spirit self essence so you can better adapt to change and realize your potential. These support sessions will help you feel clearer, lighter, wiser, and more motivated. You’ll receive customized guidance and elevated ways of looking at your challenges. I’m honored to be your guide to your life illuminated!”


“Guidance sessions with Constance Hart helped me open a door within myself. The way I interact with the world has changed for the better and even others have commented on the notable change in my appearance and presence. Reinforced by the Color Aroma Oils and Mists, I allow peace and self-love to permeate my life, and I am incredibly grateful for the inflow of confidence and grace.” -KC Duggan, Los Angeles, CA

If you are ready to live a powerful life, in line with your highest dreams and goals, have great relationships, love and an abundance of money/opportunities flowing in…schedule a session with Constance. After following her advise and working with the Color Aromas and visualizations, 2 weeks later I met the man of my dreams and purchased the yoga studio that I now own and run.” -Gisela Powell, Los Angeles, CA

Constance Hart is a gifted intuitive healer. Her multidimensional approach to working with me in sessions has served me professionally, personally, and spiritually. I love my Color Aromas because they add joy and uplifting energy to my everyday life. I also use them on my clients which is helpful for their journey! I highly recommend receiving Constance’s private sessions and studying with her by taking the Conscious Colors Course.”
-Lisa Jansen, Owner Prema Yoga, CA

I so appreciate the way Constance Hart combined business marketing savvy with intuitive wisdom to provide me with a solid recommendation which allowed me to bring my colorful personality into the way I present my business. Constance saw me using a color palette that is fairly standard in business consulting, but lacked a reflection of who I am. I highly recommend Constance Hart’s unique and inspired guidance in all things personal and professional.” -Karen Duggan, Founder, CA 

I have been having regular phone consultations with Constance Hart and they have been a huge support to my growth & development. It is wonderful to work with a personally chosen Color Aroma prescription. The energetic connection over the phone is palpable – I sometimes feel my energy shift then and there as we are speaking, and Constance’s ability to tune into my state and her insights are amazing. I would highly recommend a phone consultation to anyone who is drawn to this work.”
Nina Bain, Doctor of Osteopathy, London, England

NEW CLIENT FIRST SESSION (Zoom or Phone)- 1.25-1.5 Hr Plus Email $225

Your first session is longer and more extensive as I set you up in the Conscious Colors field of awareness. You’ll  be sent instructions via Email to prepare for this extra-special first session with a Conscious Colors color meditation. Session includes a comprehensive Email “transcript” with key points from your session, including practices and awareness points to help you receive the best benefits from your attunement PLUS written customized Color Aroma Prescription with your personalized affirmations and colors *Color Aroma products additional and at special discount price when purchased on your session day




With her grace, skill, kindness and intuition, Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart always shifts my energy over the phone. She gets to the heart of any matter by skillfully tuning into my energy, words and vibrations. I am transformed by her work…and empowered. I feel happier and more relaxed. Her work is absolutely remarkable”

Tara Clair Candoli, Ph.D, CA

PERSONAL GUIDANCE SESSION (Phone)- One Hour Plus Email $195

Receive transformative guidance for your personal development as spirit in hue being form. The intention is to help you more effectively align your visions and goals, plus shift physically and emotionally to better align with your light soul essence. Sessions include a combination of Color Therapy attunement and energy harmonizing, intuitive channeling, re-scripting of your words, plus applicable Color Psychology tools. My phone session clients have been amazed that I don’t need to see them for me to tune in. Most people find there’s actually an incredible freedom to be free of the distraction of being seen, and  sometimes it’s easier to “get out of your own way” over the phone.  Also includes a comprehensive Email “transcript” with the key points from your session, including practices and awareness points to help you receive the best benefits from your attunement PLUS written customized Color Aroma Prescription with your personalized affirmations and colors *Color Aroma products additional and at special discount price when purchased on your session day *Save $ With Package Rate Below



Get periodic support you need to elevate your professional offerings, as well as your confidence and clarity in your uniqueness. YOU decide what subject you want us to start with and I will take you further from there. I adore sharing the many tools I’ve refined for successful self-employment. Your session may include focused Color Psychology and Color Therapy. I also provide top-level business consulting to help select Conscious Colors for your marketing materials that best align with your business vision and offerings. Schedule a FREE 20 minute call and let me know what your needs are. *Save $ With Package Rates Booking a package is best for budget, commitment, and RESULTS! *Find Rates Below


PROFESSIONAL MENTORING PROGRAM- 6 Months of Support, 3 Sessions* Monthly

This program offers the most comprehensive guidance and support for your professional visions and dreams. Committing to your transformation in this way only brings positive long-lasting results. Sessions include actionable follow-up items, so you can stay on track and see your goals manifesting as you apply the wisdom. Having my regular support and guidance offers you the best opportunity to truly embody what you are up-leveling. We go way beyond the analytical mind to where the best manifesting results come from– the imagination and intuitive realm. I can help you get there! If you’re not Conscious Colors certified, but want to integrate Conscious Colors and/or Color Aroma into your specific practice/business, I’ll create a customized approach for you. Either way, this mentoring program will help you get clear so you can truly flourish professionally feeling confident and centered. Six month program includes two live mentoring sessions via Zoom each month PLUS one Q & A Email session (up to 5 pertinent questions) monthly PLUS one personalized Color Aroma prescription with your custom meditation script to stay attuned to the new wisdom. Pay In Full $3,585 (reg $4,620) OR Monthly Payment Plan is $657/mth



Show up wherever and however you are in your grief experience. I hold a sacred container for you. Grief is a journey we take alone, but we truly need support with. I am honored to hold space for the depth of your emotional processing, as well as your curiosities about expanded consciousness. Your sessions can be focused wherever you like. I apply techniques and tools learned through professional guidance and training I’ve received, as well as through my intuitive channel, and my own deep grief experience. There are “benefits” of grieving, but we can never experience that unless we go through the grief portal. My intention is that you’ll leave your sessions with new awareness, some lightness of being, and a feeling of being held.  I have discounted these sessions to encourage regular self care. Save $100 with Package Rate Below




Constance Hart is a gifted healer, intuitive and supporter of growth. Whenever I work with her I feel enveloped by her loving presence; she is a true “light worker” and leading edge entrepreneur in her field. She is working with “New Earth Technology” of color and high frequency vibration. I am a more gentle, loving, powerful and intuitive person… and I contribute a lot of these shifts and changes to working with her consistently for a 6 month period. Her work is especially powerful when one devotes oneself to the affirmation and Color Aroma prescriptions on a daily basis.”

Martina Cornelius, LMFT, CA


Make a commitment to yourself and save a little money, too! Sessions are to be utilized within 4 months of purchase.



Make a commitment to yourself, your business, and your clients. UP-LEVEL here! Awaken to your most in-lightened offerings and get the support you need to be even more of a supportive ally to your clients. Sessions are to be utilized within 6 months of purchase.



Make a commitment to yourself and save a little money, too! Sessions are to be utilized within 6 months of purchase.


When I open a channel for you, guidance comes through the colors, and I get a sense of where you’re in alignment with your intentions and where you feel blocked. Certain colors are revealed, as well as supportive appealing affirmations that will sound “familiar,” because they’re really messages from your own higher self. I always feel honored and privileged to be able to support my clients in this way.” – Constance Hart

New! COLOR ASTROLOGY READING (Phone)- 1.25 hr Plus Comprehensive Email Report $255

This session takes your astrology chart to a whole new level.

Your soul spirit, your true essence is calling you, and I am here to champion this version of you. This Color Astrology Reading is like a secret guide to the depth of your fully actualized self. Having this personal guide to your personal soul essence colors will give you powerful insights to your true self. You’ll get access to knowing which planetary energies affect you and why. Plus, each planet has its own color energy signature and each color affects you and your abilities differently. Coupled with my Color Therapy insights and intuitive guidance, you’ll leave this session feeling like a whole new clear and evolved you.

You’ll receive personal insights and guidance that support your emotions, work life, home life, relationships, natural tendencies, stumbling blocks, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Session includes a complete phone session PLUS a personalized guide to your astrology, colors, tendencies, and what will help you feel more aligned with the real you. PLUS a personalized Color Aroma prescription for an empowering daily ritual PLUS a special discount on your Color Aromas.

Note- must submit your birth time and location at time of purchase so I can do your chart.


“As a long-time client, I jumped at the chance to have a Color Astrology session with Constance. What can I say about working with a mystic, healer, and evolutionary light bringer? For starters a big thank you with gratitude. This is the information I wished I was given as a child. It was a soul recognition and deep affirmation. It was a new awakening and validation of my essential-self as my planets were expressed through their essences and colors, just as nature originally intended. This new awareness of my colors is lighting up my world with the momentum and grace of my astrological signature. I can see myself flowing more freely into life with clarity and lightheartedness. There is so much more to my chart, and Constance hits the mark through her exquisite sensitivity and translation of the information she shares. I count myself blessed to work with her. I absolutely suggest a session.” Tara Clair Candoli Psy.D. SEP