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Hi, I’m Constance Hart, Founder and Developer of Conscious Colors™ and Color Aroma™. I’ve been a Pioneer in the field of Color Psychology for nearly 30 years now, and I’m internationally-recognized as a “Color Therapy Expert.” I love sharing how having a conscious relationship with color can be life-changing. To expand this awareness, I’ve created the Conscious Colors modality, the Color Aroma system, and certification programs in both. It’s my life’s work and passion to reveal how powerful color consciousness is as a multidimensional wellness,  life-mastery, and professional up-leveling tool.

My work has been featured in Vogue, Real Simple, Vegetarian Times, Massage Magazine, LA Yoga, For Yoga, Skin, Inc., on the Style Network, and more. I have over 25 years experience as a workshop/conference presenter and speaker worldwide. I am regularly interviewed on podcasts and for magazine articles.

My Color Psychology work is also informed by over 35 years experience teaching meditation, wellness practices, and yoga. I have additional training in reiki, Feldenkrais, aromatherapy, mindbody therapies, qi gong, breathwork, energy medicine, feng shui, interior design, mind cosmology, and guided imagery. I “geek out” over somatic practices, positive psychology, quantum physics, and neuroscience.

Color is my muse! Through color frequencies I have come to understand there is so much more to color than meets the eye, and there is so much more to life than meets the eye. Colors are communicators. When we are conscious of their effects on our moods, we can tap into a whole new language that can communicate to us, for us, and with us- both personally and professionally.

I’m devoted to exploring the the unique intersection of thoughts, emotions, colors, and consciousness. Through this I’ve discovered a whole new way to work with the “power of the mind” to create and experience. This is the true crux of what I teach through Conscious Colors. Connecting our conscious mind to the vibrational frequencies of colors provides an equal dose of relief and expansion when trying to navigate life.

I’ve been called an interpreter of the light, a modern mystic, and philosopher, and I gladly own all these titles, as I’m dedicated to advancing ancient wisdom practices in modern ways. Enjoy perusing Conscious Colors and finding what is a fit for you.

My intention is to be an example of emotional presence and light living energy everywhere I go. In my spare time you’ll find me hiking, dancing, playing my flute, and bird-watching: I’ve been known to talk with the owls!

On a personal note- I’ve squeezed a lot of life, love, and personal growth into my 58 years. I’m also evolving through the experience of my dear husband’s unexpected death in 2018. I’ve helped many through their personal process of grief, and it is an area I continue to explore and support- as it informs understanding the very nature of our life in human form. My personal journey includes being in communication with expanded consciousness beyond human form and being touched by a special understanding of the multi-dimensional reality we live in. I’m grateful and proud of the emotional and physical healing work I’ve done, and I love paying it forward.   For Bookings:  Click Here 

Full Professional Bio Constance Hart

Constance Hart is the sole Founder/Developer of Conscious Colors® and Color Aroma™.

A true Visionary with Wellness and Pioneer in the field of Color Therapy and Color Psychology, Constance Hart has created innovative ways to further advance Color Therapy and Color Psychology into the integrative wellness paradigm. Through the Conscious Colors Colors Certification Course, she certifies a variety of professional practitioners in Color Therapy and/or Color Aroma including transformational coaches, therapists, design professionals, creatives, holistic nurses,  yoga/meditation/massage/salon/spa, and wellness professionals. In addition, Constance has developed additional specialty programs for business and individual branding. Constance is a professional mentor and guide focused on helping others evolve multi-dimensionally.

An internationally recognized Color Therapy Expert, Constance is a master educator with over thirty-six years of teaching experience. She has taught meditation and yoga for thirty years, and Color Psychology/Therapy for nearly thirty years. Constance has a solid understanding of subtle energy, as well as how the mind affects our wellness, which informs both the Conscious Colors modality and Color Aroma. Her work is also informed by assorted somatic practices, studies of positive psychology, higher expanded consciousness, quantum physics, and neuroscience. She has extensive training in and with meditation, yoga, reiki, Feldenkrais, aromatherapy, philosophy, mindbody therapies, qi gong, breathwork, energy medicine, feng shui, mind cosmology, guided imagery, plus interior design and art therapy. Constance’s extracurricular interests have also contributed greatly to Conscious Colors including years as a professional dancer and musician (flute, singing and songwriting), her love of art, spending lots of time in nature, and of course exploring all things colorful and light.

Constance is a frequent workshop presenter and speaker. She regularly teaches at conferences, expos, workshops, and retreats nationally and internationally, including for/at Dignity Health, Imagery International, Soaring Spirits International, Color Lights World Project, WellSpa 360, Esalen, Mount Madonna Center, Lumeria Maui, Blyss Yoga Brasil, Harbin Hot Springs, New York Open Center, and more  Click Here to Discuss Booking

Constance Hart is in high demand as a Color Psychology and Color Therapy Expert, consultant, and speaker, as well as a holistic wellness, yoga, and meditation advisor.

Constance is a popular guest for podcasts/tv/radio/magazine/video interviews.

Constance is a published author and sought-after for editorial content. Her work appears in numerous magazines including Vogue, Real Simple, Natural Health, Massage, SPA, Fit Yoga, LA Yoga, trade journals, and more. Click Here to View Press, Published Articles, Media

Professional Clients include Homedics, Philosophy, Disney, Aura Soma, USA, Inc., Warner Brothers Records, Paint Shop Beverly Hills, Alan Edwards Salon, Yoga Flow SF, PremaYoga, Nature’s Secret, Think, Inc., Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, Cal Poly University, Fred Sands Realty, Insight Yoga, Qu People, as well as the actors Jennifer Jason Leigh, Enrico Colantoni and Tracee Ross. Read a Press Release Here


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2023 Speaking/Teaching/Exhibiting Schedule:

Guided Meditation for Hearst Cancer Research Center: Monthly, 1st Wednesday of each month 

Conversations with Color™ New Online Workshops Starts September 2023

The Healer’s Course: August  2023, onlineClick Here for More Info

Face & Body Expo: August 2023, San Jose, CA

Soaring Spirits International, Camp Widow: July 2023 San Diego, CA

Conscious Colors Advanced Practitioner Workshop May 2023

Conscious Colors Certification Course: April 2023 Los Osos, CA Click Here for More Info

Color Lights World Project: Online March 2023

Conscious Colors Certification Course: TBD Click Here for More Info 

Conscious Colors Advanced Practitioner Training: October  2023, Los Osos, CA Click Here for More Info

Conscious Colors Immersion: November, 2023

Conscious Colors Color Sound Healing Course: , TBD

Imagery International Conference: TBD

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