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Meet Color Therapy Expert Constance Hart

Constance Hart is the Founder/Developer of Conscious Colors®, Color Aroma™, Color Sound Healing, and Chakra Restorative Yoga™. A true Visionary and Pioneer in the field of Holistic Wellness, Constance’s overall mission is to further advance Color Therapy into the integrative wellness paradigm. Teaching professional practitioners how to utilize color, in conjunction with the power of the conscious mind, is her passion.

Constance Hart has created several ways to help wellness and mental health professionals utilize color therapeutically: 1) Color Aroma– an innovation that combines Color Therapy with Aromatherapy  2) specific Color Therapy treatment protocols utilizing the Conscious Colors methodology and 3) Chakra Healing Yoga, which combines guided color imagery, Color Aroma, mindfulness meditation, and Color Sound Healing with tuning forks.

An internationally recognized Color Therapist and Chakra Yoga Instructor, Constance is a master educator with over 30 years teaching experience and a solid understanding of subtle energy, which informs her teachings. She created the Conscious Colors Certification Course, and trains/certifies practitioners worldwide in Color Energy Therapy, Color Aroma, and Chakra Healing. She also offers a variety of specialty training programs including The Healer’s Course, and the Chakra Restorative Yoga Teacher’s Training. Constance is a frequent workshop presenter, and speaker. She regularly teaches at conferences, expos, workshops, and retreats nationally and internationally, including at Esalen, Mount Madonna Center, Lumeria Maui, Blyss Yoga Brasil, Harbin Hot Springs, New York Open Center, and more  Click Here to Discuss Booking

Constance Hart is in high demand as a Color Therapy Expert, an Aromatherapy spokesperson, and a Chakra Yoga Training advisor. She is a published author and sought-after writer for editorial content, plus a popular guest for tv/radio/magazine/video interviews.

Constance’s work has appeared in numerous magazines including Vogue, Natural Health, Massage, SPA, Fit Yoga, LA Yoga, trade journals, and more. Click Here to View Press, Published Articles, Media

Professional Clients include Homedics, Philosophy, Disney, Alan Edwards Salon, Warner Brothers Records, Paint Shop Beverly Hills, Yoga Flow SF, PremaYoga, Nature’s Secret, Think, Inc., Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, Cal Poly University, Fred Sands Realty, Insight Yoga, Qu People, as well as the actors Jennifer Jason Leigh, Enrico Colantoni and Tracee Ross. Read a Press Release Here

Constance got her professional start in the beauty salon industry in Chicago, IL. As a corporate trainer for the Glemby Corporation, she taught customer service and sales skills to hair stylists and estheticians. She also managed a top salon in downtown Chicago and worked her way up to regional manager status. After moving to California in 1990, she assisted and managed several small businesses and became an independent consultant to top salons in Beverly Hills. She got certified in Color Therapy through Aura Soma in Los Angeles, CA, and later worked with Aura Soma, U.S.A. to create color therapy teaching tools. She then offered consultations through her first company, Life Design, which incorporated Color Therapy and westernized feng shui to create holistic environments. Life Design morphed into Conscious Colors after Constance discovered that her client’s positive changes were directly a result of her Color Therapy principles.

All the while, Constance has been a steady student of yoga and yoga instructor, teaching yoga and its more esoteric practices for over 29 years. Constance developed and taught her Chakra Restorative Yoga program at many top studios in Los Angeles, CA before moving to the central coast of California in 2004 to teach at and manage the Healing Arts Institute at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort. In 2008, Constance opened the Conscious Colors Energy Center as a training hub when she launched the Conscious Colors Certification Course and the Chakra Restorative Yoga Teacher’s Training program. Her hands are attuned to reiki, and her work is informed by assorted somatic mindbody practices, Feldenkrais, meditation, flute playing, sound healing, time spent outside with nature, mind cosmology, women’s circles, astrology, her love of music, dance, art, and of course all things colorful and light!

Currently, Constance Hart is diligently expanding Conscious Colors to integrative medicine doctors, holistic nurses, and other health professionals with a plan to undergo several case studies on the efficacy of Color Energy Therapy and the impact that Color Aroma can have on Alzheimer’s disease.    Click to Read the Conscious Colors Mission

2020 Speaking/Teaching/Exhibiting Schedule:

The Healer’s Course: March 4, 2020, online Click Here for More Info

New Living Expo: April 27-29, 2020 Marin, CA

Conscious Colors Certification Course: March, 2020 Los Osos, CA

Click Here for More Info

Conscious Colors Advanced Practitioner Playshop: June 22, 2020 Los Osos, CA

Conscious Colors Color Sound Healing Course: August 23-25, 2020 Green Lotus Center, Morro Bay, CA

AMTA National Convention: TBD

The Healer’s Course: September 9, 2020, online Click Here for More Info

Face & Body Expo: August 24-27, 2020, San Jose, CA

Conscious Colors Certification Course: September 13-16, 2020 Green Lotus Center, Morro Bay, CA Click Here for More Info 

Conscious Colors Advanced Practitioner Training: October 11-13, 2020, Los Osos, CA

Click Here for More Info

Imagery International Conference: TBD

Conscious Colors Immersion: November, 2020, Lumeria, Maui, HI

Chakra Yoga Fundamentals: TBD

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