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    Pink Deep Red Bright Red Orange Gold Yellow Green Pale Violet Deep Violet Royal Blue Pale Blue Turquoise White

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Every Color Has a Message

In fact, Color is speaking to you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually whether you’re aware of it or not. Each color has its own mood message that conveys its benefits and gifts for you. When you become even more conscious that Color can affect your bodymindspirit positively and wisely, you’ll want to engage with it daily. Think of Color Energy as your holistic healing ally, an insightful personal wellness guide, and an easy-to-use tool that is always offering you a window into your well being.

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To be guided to the Color or Colors you need, start by using the Conscious Colors Wheels above. Give yourself an easy meditation by gazing at the Colors in a clockwise direction from the top pink ray around to the pale violet. Just let yourself be gently led to the Color(s) that is/are attracting you and then click on the color to find out more of its wellness benefits. Most often, the colors you are attracted to are revealing your energetic, emotional, and physical needs.

About the Moods and Affirmations: To be clear, the above expressions are starting points for opening your awareness to the full potential of benefits that each color ray has for you. Just because bright red is stimulating and activating does not necessarily mean you feel that way about the color bright red- and that’s okay! As you learn more about modulating moods and supporting emotional wellness with color energy, you’ll discover how these basic Conscious Colors Color Personalities™ are allies to your inherent well being.

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Color Therapy Colors

What is Color Energy?
Color is frequency, vibration, and energy of light. Each Color is a unique wavelength of the visible light spectrum and vibrates at a unique frequency that produces its own distinct benefits for your bodymindspirit encoded in its energy. Since Color is a true reflection of the life-nourishing energy of sunlight, Color is an energy source that can help return you to a state of optimal well being. Consider that as a hue-man being living on the planet Earth (which is fed by sunlight), sunlight is truly your deepest energy source, your most foundational source of nourishment. Color Energy is a version of this light, thus a vital energy source for all hue-mans.
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colorsThe Colors you’re attracted to teach you about your body’s needs and wants.
Everyone has a relationship to Color, and Color is relating back to you moment to moment. Ever notice how your attraction to Colors changes from time to time? This is often because your needs and wants are changing. Paying attention to this information-relay system can really help you to understand and assist your own ever-changing landscape of bodymindspirit.
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Once you begin to consciously notice what Color energies you’re attracted to, how you feel with exposure to certain Colors, and how your moods change and improve, you can truly start to enjoy the greatest benefits of Color Therapy. Color Energy is always ready to positively impact your health and well being. Just spend time with the Messages of Color and pay attention to Color in your daily life, and you’ll have a profound daily self-balancing tool that’s available to you everytime you see Color.
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Color Aroma, a Multi-Sensory Experience of Color

Engaging with Color Visually is a great 1st step- influencing the energetic pathways to the mind and nervous system through the pineal gland, a master gland in the body.

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When you experience Color through Color Aroma, you’ll be tapping into the most powerful step, because your sense of smell is your strongest sense, responsible for creating your longest-held memories and impressions. This is a vital part of creating long-lasting positive change through utilizing the Color Aroma: as you connect with the visual color and inhale the Color Aroma with your recitation of the coordinating color message, your intention can start to become a memory. Then when you continue to enjoy the Color Aroma on a daily basis, when you see that color in your daily life (whether you’re aware of it or not), your intention can move from memory into actual reality! Simple, yet powerful and profound.

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Color + Aroma = Long Lasting Positive Change

Applying the Color Aroma Oils to your skin helps these therapeutic essential oil blends penetrate quickly to affect the health of your organs, glands and major bodily systems from the inside out, as well as shift and improve your moods.

Spritzing the Color Aroma Mists around your body affects the electromagnetic energy around you. This is helpful to improve your moods and set your intentions from the outside in, as well as positively affect other people and your living/working environment.

A private Color Therapy session will greatly assist you in determining which exact Color Aroma combinations will serve as a helpful bridge from where you re now to where you wish to be.

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