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Chakra Yoga and Color Therapy are connected

Are you wondering how Color Therapy relates to Yoga? Great! I’m happy to help explain. Yoga is actually the foundation and birth place of all the Conscious Colors programs, courses, and practices I’ve created and teach. I’ve been a most committed, diligent, passionate student of what some call the more  Continue reading Conscious Colors Insight

Adjusting to Change

Have you ever noticed how when the seasons change you want to as well?  or you simply do….. or your life does…. whether you wanted to or not?  It’s good to be in rhythm with nature!  It just takes practice and awareness to prepare for transition/change, as well as to actually enjoy comfort with it.

Continue reading Color Therapy Tip

Consciously Utilizing Red & Pink in February

Have you noticed the predominance of pink and red everywhere this month?  February is typically the month we are inundated with pink and red, due to Valentine’s Day, so let’s take advantage of this helpful self-balancing color combination with some color therapy guidance. Continue reading Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy for New Year’s Weight Loss

Your great Color Aroma Therapy solution for jump-starting a great weight loss plan? Pink! The Color Energy Message of Pink is self love and it goes a long way to creating the energy environment to a new slimmer body. Learn all about the wellness benefits of Pink Color Therapy in this post. Continue reading Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy for Pregnancy

Are you expecting?  If so, I can’t stress enough how you need to fill your energy storage tank up!  After all, you and your energy body are serving 2 (or more) now, and that simply is going to require a fill-up more often. Can Color Therapy tools help you while you’re expecting? Absolutely! Color can provide Continue reading Color Therapy Tip