The Subtle Energy Body

Subtle Energy Flow

Within the physical body is a magnificent world of physical and non physical energies uniting together to animate the HUEBeing™ with life force. This elegant union within is ultimately serving to connect the physical self to the energies/vibrations/frequencies that exist beyond the human form, creating a union between the self and the greater whole. This union can be realized through harmonizing the individual self’s physical, mental, and emotional planes with the spirit self essence. In the Conscious Colors modality we start by focusing energy into key energy centers that allow more refined energies and thoughts to commingle with the emotional plane, revealing an evolution into greater union with the spirit self essence. The spirit self essence is not some “out of body” experience of the self, rather an embodiment of all aspects of the self- physical and non physical, subtle and obvious alike.

You may equate the word energy with “get up and go” or “pep,” the energy that gives you the oomph to get something done, but that’s the superficial understanding of the word. Subtle energy is the vibratory mastery of your being-ness. This is the you that is beyond mere doing activities and active thinking, your subtle energy awakens a refinement of the self that is in alliance with whole self- the self that is most expansive consciousness. The “light body” the “higher self” are acceptable synonyms, but to be clear, this self is not beyond the body, this spirit self essence is who you really are at your core and this being is illuminated in COLOR, LIGHT, ENERGY!

There are many different pathways that subtle energy is flowing to and through and from the body. You can learn some of these elegant tools in the Conscious Colors Course, as well as Training Workshops.

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The most BASIC teaching of subtle energy is through the chakra system. For those of you that are new to the Chakras here are some resources:

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The Yoga Sutras teach that meditating on the Sun is a doorway to the Universe. Conscious Colors offers that meditating with the Color rays of sunlight is a conscious path to a deep connection.

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NOTE In 2022, the Conscious Colors Certification Course is being updated to move from the chakra system to a more expanded comprehensive system of subtle energy. Get the E News to be First to Hear!


More on Subtle Energy from Constance Hart:

“I have learned much about the subtle energy body- first through reiki, then yoga, energy medicine, acupressure, sound healing with tuning forks, qi gong, vibrational aromatherapy, Feldenkrais, Ayurveda. I’ve taken workshops, studied, immersed myself in and practiced so many modalities since 1990, I can’t remember them all!

But one thing I am SUPER clear about is that subtle energy is an incredible expansive mystery, and we can’t explain it all. This is the beauty of these vibrational quantum forces. So, yes, all of us teachers learn things and refine our learning with practice, and further refine this exploration through our teachings, but I’m happy to say I like to remain in the space of “subtle energy is unexplainable,” too. We are not of this energy fully. We are part human, and that is the part that keeps up evolving and expanding our consciousness into this infinite field of energy. I like this because it keeps my work expanding and reaching toward its infinite potential, which perhaps will only be fully reached once I journey into the non physical realm.

Until then, I am happy to continue to grow Conscious Colors in its quest to integrate more of this subtle energy intelligence within and around the HUEBeing.

That said, for over 20 years I have taught Color Therapy through the chakra system, discovered by the ancient yogic rishis. I was tapped into the chakras long before they were “cool and hip” and even known by the mainstream as they are now. In 1999 I developed the Chakra Restorative Yoga™ program. It was where I first started teaching Conscious Colors Color Therapy. I’ve taught thousands of these classes and workshops and later developed a teacher’s training program in this speciality and certified many instructors. Over all these years, what I’ve most discovered is many people misunderstand the chakras once they learn about the connection between the chakras and the physical “symptoms” that can be associated. I hear from people all the time that they are attempting to fix what has gone wrong.

The original Conscious Colors Certification Course and Color Aroma Therapy Training does teach about the chakra system, but I clearly teach that physical symptoms are a doorway to understanding which color energies are needed by the body being. Stay tuned with the Conscious Colors E News, though, because in 2022 I’m excited to introduce an elegant expansion– a beautiful map to a subtle energy system that encompasses wisdom from the many traditions and energies I have come to know and appreciate through my work with subtle energy awakening this last 32 years.

Moving “Beyond the Chakras” means we are evolving WITH that information, yet using a language that we 1) more easily understand and 2) helps us to see that this energy is always mutating and shape-shifting, and is forever mutable within us.

Over the years I have come to see how the chakra charts can limit a person’s understanding of how energy is transmuted and transformed within the body being. Even though I have taught expansive ways to match the depth of this energy, just seeing a chakra chart can limit one’s understanding of the possibility and reality that ALL COLORS are usable every where in the body. A specific color can serve to awaken the chakra’s movement and mirror its state of optimal vibrancy, true- however, due to the complex nature of the hue-man energy system, it is usually a different color that will bring a chakra into harmony with itself. This is a greater benefit, and purpose of, learning the Conscious Colors system with the Color Aroma Oils and Mists.

A sneak peek at the new HueBeing™

On the physical body and its symptoms:

For your consideration: here’s a more gentle way to work with the subtle energy body when the body is showing a physical symptom. Consider this symptom as an insight that 1) an area of the bodymindspirit that is wanting more attention (thus attempting to get your attention) and 2) an energy/organ/gland/physical system is in the process of positive change. Yes– I said positive!

You may ask: “How can that be if my body is giving me a challenging (negative) symptom?” Well, I believe that energy is always on its way to somewhere else. Sometimes your body produces symptoms, and needs to release symptoms, gain its own clarity, and receive vibrational-healing energy in its quest to reach a different more positive destination. This is a key principle in the Conscious Colors modality.

Ultimately, my greater guidance here is to 1) always apply patience and loving kindness to any change that is occurring in your body and 2) remember that your body is part of an entire bodymindspirit, so when one realm is in the process of change, so are the others. This is true holistic healing!”
-Constance Hart

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