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Hi- I’m Constance Hart, the Founder and Developer of Conscious Colors® and Color Aroma™.

Conscious Colors is a comprehensive Color Therapy modality that utilizes color energy as an ally to holistic wellness. The Conscious Colors modality can be used as a stand-alone Color Therapy system or in conjunction with the Color Aroma™ Oils and Mists to shift emotional health. I’ve also created the Color Sound Healing™ modality which utilizes tuning forks to transfer color energy throughout the body. Utilizing these key senses of sight, smell, and hearing help the bodymindspirit elevate its core essence which is vibration, frequency, and light, tapping into the whole picture of the hue-man being.

Color Aroma is not simply “a product line.” Color Aroma is a Color Therapy modality in and of itself- providing a pathway of communicating with color, energy, and the mind to help reshape one’s wellness in a most profound and lasting way. 

Back in 1996 I was designing a brochure about Color Energy Therapy. The #1 word I wanted to use to describe this work was “transformative,” but I held back, because it sounded too “woo woo.” Boy have things changed since then! Transformation is such a widely-accepted word now. So let me happily and clearly say: Conscious Colors and Color Aroma will absolutely help you tap into transformation and greatly assist the clients/patients/students you serve and support!

To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

As you begin to look at color more expansively, it will change your view of how the mind impacts wellness. You’ll soon discover what an incredible ally color is for helping to shift emotions for the better, creating long-lasting positive memories, and tuning the entire bodymindspirit with the vibrations of light.

I invite you to take an extraordinary learning, evolving, and illuminating  journey with Conscious Colors. With light, Constance Hart Learn More About Me Here

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There’s so much more to color than meets the eye!

In fact, color is light/frequency/vibration/energy that’s always affecting our emotions and mind, whether we’re aware of it or not. Plus, color has the ability to affect the physical body, too- very effectively when in concert with an aroma, hence my creation of Color Aroma. Each Color Aroma superbly conveys each color through scent, and when you inhale a Color Aroma you’ll get a clear sense of the color’s unique benefit and personality. The aroma itself does an important job of subliminally communicating to the mind about the color essence first, before any conscious thought takes shape This is a vital part of the benefits of Color Aroma!

Color Aroma will help you help your self/clients/patients/students utilize color as a relay system to influence the deepest part of the brain which influences emotions and memory. Creating a connection to the color through memory is key.


Because words and intentions are nice, but over time people forget words, and lose their ability to stay positively focused.

Since everyone engages with color daily in so many ways, there’s a great opportunity to utilize color consciously to affect well being in a most positive way. 

In Color Aroma Therapy, we combine each color we “prescribe” with a specific Color Aroma and affirmation (you’ll learn how to customize in the certification course) so that with continued use, the feeling is shifting into a long-lasting memory, helping it become a new reality.

Through daily application of Color Aroma, a memory is being created– specifically connecting a color with a feeling. Your client/patient/student will begin to associate each color in their Color Aroma Prescription™ with a positive intention and any time they see their colors “randomly” throughout the day, they’ll be transported to that feeling and intention, whether or not they’re aware of it consciously in that moment. This momentum builds upon itself and the power of the olfactory system really gets to shine. This is intentional aromatherapy.

About Color Aromaabout Conscious Colors

Color Therapy meets Aromatherapy with these visionary scents of color.

Inhale Color Aroma and you’ll immediately get transported into a unique multi-sensory experience of color. Each Color Aroma gives a deep sense of the color through each unique essential oil blend. You’ll feel the color’s intention while it fills the nervous system, mind, and emotional center. Color Aroma is a powerful healing ally, and also integrates easily into other forms of complementary therapies.

The true uniqueness of Color Aroma:

Each Color Aroma combines wise Color Therapy principles through specific essential oils from plants and flowers that embody both the color’s therapeutic and emotional benefits. The flower itself may match the Color Aroma color or the way the plant “behaves” or the feeling tone it gives or the systems, organs, and glands it can influence. All of these factors were taken into consideration in creating each Color Aroma blend. My most creative endeavor in life was channeling these unique blends!

Color Aroma Oils and Mists are made with pure essential oils; the majority certified organic, and absolutely no synthetic ingredients. All Color Aroma blends follow the principles of modern perfumery– utilizing only three essential oils (base note, middle note, and top note) so that the sensitive olfactory system is not overloaded and you can get a clear sense of the scent of color. Shop Color Aroma Here

The depth of Color Aroma:

Far beyond how you typically experience color (through your most superficial sense, the sense of sight), when you experience a Color Aroma, your most powerful sense- your sense of smell, reaches the limbic system of your brain- the center of feeling and emotions, impressions and memories.

Color Aroma has a powerful relay-system built-in to help attune the mind and emotions. As you inhale the Color Aroma and recite its positive wellness affirmation, you’re moving the intention- connected to a specific color, deep into your memory, helping it become a part of your daily experience. During your day, anytime you see that color, even if you aren’t thinking about your specific intention/affirmation, your mind is going to be re-connecting you to your initial good-feeling experience of tuning in with that Color Aroma.

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There are 13 Color Aroma colors and moods to consciously choose from

Utilizing Color Aroma provides a special meditative moment that builds upon itself with each repeated application. By simply inhaling the aroma, silently reciting its intention (or creating a customized affirmation), and applying on the skin and in the aura (electromagnetic field around the body), a conscious moment of deep breathing, meditation, visualization, and intention-setting helps to:

  • soothe and calm the nervous system
  • set new focal points in the mind
  • create new long-lasting memories of positive emotions
  • create a synergy between the physical body’s health, emotional wellness, and the mind’s thoughts.

All that from a bottle of Color Aroma?!

The possibility is a big YES as you learn to more fully connect the subtle energy of color to the subtle energy of the physical body with conscious intentions, thoughts, and emotions.

Color Aroma packaging is also infused with much conscious intention.

Our royal blue glass bottles activate the Color Therapy benefit of royal blue- to help stimulate intuition, making engaging with any Color Aroma its own special meditation.

Also, only dark glass bottles fully help to preserve the light living energy of the essential oils inside. Note- never buy essential oils packaged in plastic! 

The custom-made glass-beaded caps provide an illuminating meditation. Purchase a complete set and line them up to receive an instant Conscious Colors attunement.

All Color Aroma products are lovingly made by hand, here in Los Osos, CA, USA, and I still make each and every master blend myself. Note: During covid times I have been the only person in the Color Aroma production studio, adhering to a strict sanitation protocol, wearing a mask and fresh gloves, and being healthy!

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Applying Color Aroma Oils

to the skin encourages the most powerful experience of Color Therapy, as they influence wellness from the inside out. The Color Aroma Oils affect the inner energy core of subtle energy, as well as the physical body. They are blended in a carrier of grapeseed oil, which has very small molecules allowing the therapeutic essential oils to penetrate more quickly. The fine Color Aroma essential oils then get carried by the circulatory system to influence the lymphatic system, the nervous system, the health of the organs, glands, and other major systems. Ultimately, mood shifts are felt and emotions reveal a state of holistic wellness.

Spritzing Color Aroma Mists 

affects the electromagnetic field, the Aura around the body, as well as the room/space/environment. This is an ideal way to set a starting point intention for a healing/therapy session and set the mood in a room for a private session or a class. Using Color Aroma Mists throughout the session will help to reinforce clarity, as well as give what I call “a color energy hug from the outside in.” When our clients/students/patients purchase their own Color Aroma Mists they can use them throughout the day to create new set points of emotions and energy as new parts of each day are experienced. As practitioners, the Color Aroma its allow us to do specific energy clearing, setting our work spaces in particular frequencies before,m during, and after sessions. For all of us, we can also utilize Color Aroma Mists to set our own external frequency to positively affect other people and our living and working environments.

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My Team

Conscious Colors naturally attracts and employs people tapped into holistic wellness, gleaming loving spirits who enjoy helping others. Many of the production assistants are certified Color Aroma Therapists who love Color Aroma! There is a real sense of pride, joy, and care that goes into making each and every bottle! My greatest pleasure comes from teaching what I have learned to others who are inspired to learn, evolve, and illuminate.  Read More About Founder Constance Hart Here

Background Story from Founder Constance Hart

I actually started making the first version of Color Aroma Oils 22 years ago! Back then I made a single bottle at a time for my private Color Therapy and Chakra Yoga clients/students– in amber bottles with handwritten labels and black caps. I knew I wanted to package Color Aroma in the beautiful royal blue glass bottles with white light caps they’re in now, but it required a greater investment. So, as my Chakra Restorative Yoga™ program expanded in Los Angeles, CA, I started bringing a bag-full of Color Aroma Oils to my workshops. They started selling out with students purchasing them after class sitting on the yoga studio floor!

In fact, I’m proud to share I’m one of the pioneers in blending yoga with the healing arts. I was one of the first yoga instructors in Los Angeles to utilize essential oils, as well as tuning forks, in classes. Once I expanded teaching Color Therapy and Chakra Yoga workshops worldwide, Conscious Colors started getting magazine coverage. See Magazine Coverage Here

Early version of Color Aroma label- a butterfly- to simply denote change:

color therapy expert

The next incarnation of the Color Aroma(s):

color therapy expert

Now Color Aroma shines brightly with descriptive labels:

color therapy expert

Further sharing the light:

After getting many requests from other healing arts practitioners, massage therapists, counselors, nurses, estheticians, yoga instructors, and salon professionals to learn the complete Conscious Colors program, I dedicated a year to creating a comprehensive certification course, with coordinating wholesale program. I designed a training center where students worldwide visited to get certified in Color Aroma™ Therapy. I closed my center in 2011 when I began traveling more to teach and now with changing times, I offer the course online. Usually, I schedule a live course annually. Start your Color Aroma Certification Training Here

The Conscious Colors Energy Center 2007-2011

color therapy expert

Color Aroma has been sold almost exclusively by therapy, counseling, massage, spa, salon, and yoga professionals, but I’m busy expanding Color Aroma with holistic nurses,  and hospitals. I am proud to say I do not (or will never) sell Color Aroma through any multi-level marketing or pyramid set-up. If you’re interested in carrying Color Aroma, Apply for a Wholesale Account Here

At Conscious Colors headquarters, I’m also always happy to welcome new Independent Sales Reps and Product Consultants to advance Color Therapy into the mainstream. If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, Contact Me Here

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