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Color Prescription™ for Feeling Support

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Color Prescription™ for Feeling Support

You CAN achieve balance through being emotional! Mic drop. Our feelings are immense communicators for us. They are actually guiding us from moment to moment. Yet, the challenging emotions like sadness, anger, fear, and frustration can certainly feel so awful that we want to abandon them quickly and move on. I get it. AND>>> What if you were able to feel your feelings AND feel centered and optimistic at the same time?

The Conscious Colors modality can help. Here’s a Conscious Colors Prescription™ you can start using right away to create a more flowing relationship with feeling your feelings– even the more challenging ones.

Your feelings are internal balancers.

Sometimes you just need to re-learn how to feel, flow, and fully support your feelings. This is where color consciousness can help your mind reset. When you consciously attune to particular colors and color combinations, you being to recalibrate to your inner source self. When you are aligned with your inner source self, your inner spirit self can shine through and deeper wisdom and clarity is revealed.

Conscious Colors Prescription for Feeling Support

Breathe with these colors from left to right 3-5 times and then let your eyes simply center with the center of the gold for a few moments.

These colors can help you (and your clients/patients/students) feel centered, balanced, and trusting, while feeling ANY feeling.

To take this healing to the deepest most transformative level, utilize the following script with these 3 Color Aroma Oils.


Breathe deeply and inhale the Deep Violet Color Aroma.

“I can trust that my feelings are evolving me. I am in the process of evolving right now. I can trust I will be in a more positive place soon.”

Apply the Deep Violet Color Aroma Oil to your palms, feet, forehead, back of neck and top of head.


Breathe deeply and inhale the Gold Color Aroma.

“I’m inviting myself to feel centered. I am in the here and now and I will be okay.”

Apply the Gold Color Aroma Oil to your palms, forearms, low belly and low back.


Breathe deeply and inhale the Green Color Aroma.

“Balance is on its way to me. I know something is being renewed and shifted right now and it is okay.”

Apply the Green Color Aroma Oil to your palms, mid belly, mid back, upper chest and back.

Keep practicing. Keep breathing. Let the therapeutic essential oils work their magic in your internal being and let the colors work their magic when you see them outside yourself. 

In time, the inner and the outer become one. Whole. Union. True yoga. Ahhh…

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Enjoy Your Color Discovery!

Constance Hart

Your Well Being Mentor/Guide

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