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Color Therapy Anxiety Soother

Color Therapy for Anxiety

Gold is a helpful ally for feeling present, clear, and centered especially when you feel stuck in the past, feel paralyzed by fear, or feel anxious about the future. For professionals working with clients/students, Gold  is your ally in supporting a gentle shift.  To feel less anxiety and more present, less stressed and more soothed, utilize  Gold as a key meditation, visualization, and simply an important focal point. Spend some reflective meditative time attuning with the color Gold and discover the many benefits.

Utilize Gold in Times of Stress/Anxiety, as well as Before Making Decisions
Breathe deeply and say to yourself silently:
Note- if working with a client/student(s), read aloud and have your client/student(s) repeat silently 
“I’m in present time right now.
Right here, right now, I’m in present time.
I am present.
All that matters is right here, right now.
I’m centering myself in the now, now.
I can be in present time.
I can make new decisions in present time.
I can feel centered in present time.
I can feel soothed in present time.
Right now I am present and I am choosing to feel centered. And so it is.”
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For the best, most dynamic, and long-lasting results with having “I am present” become a reality, utilize Color Aroma with the script.
Apply the Gold Color Aroma Oil on the low belly/low back
Spritz the Gold Color Aroma Mist the body and in the room.
The moment you inhale the Gold Color Aroma’s blend of sandlewood, neroli, and bitter orange essential oils, your nervous system and mind are transported into the feeling centered and soothed.
The Gold Color Aroma conveys the feeling, then your sense of smell commits the feeling to memory. With daily use and the connected affirmation, the feeling can indeed become your reality.