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Color Therapy for Self Compassion

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Color Therapy for Self Compassion

Developing self compassion is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. Alongside it comes the ability to be gentle, kind, and more understanding with yourself.

Self compassion is a skill. You can nurture it through simple practice and you can utilize my key Conscious Colors Color Therapy scripts to help your self/clients/patients/students.

I consider self compassion like receiving a hug from “you to you”- meaning from the wise enlightened version of yourself to the version of yourself that is hard on oneself.

The beauty is this practice brings greater self acceptance, the ability to allow yourself to be exactly as you are, and a preference to be kind toward yourself.
Ahhhh…. The possibilities greatly expand in this energy!
I recently taught a series Color Therapy for Enhancing Fertility. I was quickly reminded that these colors and energies are vital for EVERYONE. The same emotional challenges that seem to stand I the way of a woman’s fertility are also key challenges for women at all ages, at any stage in life.
Self judgment
Comparing yourself to others
Holding rigid standards of perfectionism
Attempting to control natural changes
Anxiety about the past
Anxiousness about the future
Fears & doubts
Ever had any of those? I know you have. It’s part of being human. However, remembering that you’re HUEMan means you have allies to any challenging emotional state that you can find in the colors of light.
Balancing these challenges becomes easier in an atmosphere of self compassion. Color Therapy with Pink can help.
Find a Conscious Colors Color Therapy Script Below to use with the Pink Color Aroma Mist and Oil to help your self/clients/patients/students.

An effective way to soften these challenging emotional states is with exposure to the Pink ray and spending time meditating with Pink.

Can’t sit still in meditation? That’s what the Color Aroma Oils and Mists help with!
Simply inhaling the Pink Color Mist and spritzing it around your body with the intention to be more loving, kind, and gentle with yourself is a meditation.

Likewise, applying the Pink Color Aroma Oil to your palms, deeply inhaling the Pink Aroma and silently reciting the following script will start to set your mind and nervous system into a more loving and compassionate energy. Doing this daily creates a relay system that is working on your behalf — your sense of smell creates memories. Now you have a positive memory of the color pink set in your mind and anytime you see pink in your environment your nervous system can reap the rewards!

Conscious Colors Color Therapy Script™
Recite this to yourself or have your client/patient/student silently repeat after you.

“I now breathe with the pink ray of self love and self compassion.

As I breathe with pink, I feel more gentle and soft.

I can be gentle with myself, releasing judgments and comparisons.

I now invite myself to allow and accept myself exactly as I am.

I can be gentle and loving now.

I invite this self love and self compassion into every cell of my being.

I breathe in pink now as a reflection of this energy.

I am filling with pink light and filling myself up with gentle loving energy.

And so it is.”


©2023 Constance Hart, Conscious Colors


With light,

Constance Hart