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Pale Blue Color Therapy Practice for Centering

Pale Blue Color Therapy Practice for Centering in Peace

When peace and calm, relaxation and soothing are the request, Pale Blue can truly provide the answer. I want to encourage you to help yourself and/or clients/patients/students center IN with the Pale Blue ray to truly reap its benefits. Whether you are utilizing the Pale Blue Color Aroma Oil or Mist or both, you’ll find an incredible ally here to reset the emotions with this therapeutic aide. Pale Blue Color Therapy is a superb balm for the body, mind, and emotions.

For therapy, healing, nursing, yoga, counseling, and caregiving professionals of all types, a Pale Blue Color Therapy practice is a must to have in your client support kit. EVERYone needs Pale Blue energy from time to time, and now more than ever, the peace ray is exactly what’s needed to help calm the nerves, ease anxiousness, soothe muscle tension, and support a good night’s sleep.

Pale Blue is the Peace Ray

The main feeling tone that the pale blue ray evokes is peacefulness. Many practitioners think of peacefulness as a passive state, but I’m going to suggest that sometimes you need to actively call this energy in to fully reap the benefits. The benefits of tuning to peacefulness is an overall sense of calm and relaxation. You can support yourself and/or your clients/patients/students in actively centering in with peacefulness.

The first step, as always- and as taught in the Conscious Colors modality, is intention.

Help your client get clear on her/his/their intention around the peace that’s desired.


Where would you like to feel peacefulness in your body?

What does peacefulness feel like to you?

How do you know when you feel peaceful?


What area of the body was mentioned?

What words were used to describe peace?


Now you know 1) where you want to recommend applying the Color Aroma Oil (externally only and never on or around the eyes) and

2) what words/words you’ll use in crafting an affirmation to go along with the Color Aroma.

Perhaps you thought the only affirmation to utilize with the Pale Blue Color Aroma was “I am peaceful.”

This main affirmation is where Color Therapy with Pale Blue is leading us. The affirmation “I am peaceful” is the true benefit of the Pale Blue ray, but we could actually connect any affirmation to the Color Aroma and it will be reinforced if the client is using that same affirmation every time the Color Aroma is applied.

This is the beauty of becoming a fully trained, certified Color Aroma™ Therapist, you learn ways to work with the colors that are personalized and customized to your client.

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A Conscious Colors Pale Blue Attunement

Spray Pale Blue Color Aroma Mist around the body. Have your client/patient/students inhale the Pale Blue energy, close eyes, outstretch arms, and visualize a Pale Blue circle around the body.

Recite this script:

“Repeat this silently to yourself. I am held in the light of peace now. As I breathe in I breathe in calming, soothing, peaceful energy. I am centered within this energy, and this energy surrounds me now. Wherever I go I can take this peacefulness with me. As I breathe in Pale Blue light, I am filling my entire bodymindspirit with peaceful energy. I am centered in peace now and so it is.”

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Here’s a Pale Blue Guided Meditation

The following practice is ideal to use when someone is feeling scattered, anxious, impatient, or overall just can’t seem to find a breath of peace and calm.

Apply Pale Blue Color Aroma Oil to palms, cup hands, bring to nose, close eyes, inhale deeply with this script giving your client a focal area of the body:

“Peace is part of who I am. As I breathe with peacefulness I am filling myself with an ability to be centered in my calm self. When I’m calm, I can make clear decisions. I feel relaxed at my center and I move forward from this place, I enjoy slowing down to breathe in and with peace. I am peaceful. And so it is.”

Apply the Pale Blue Color Aroma Oil to shoulders, neck, jawline, under nose,  and anywhere on the body that would like to feel peaceful.


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Your Color Therapy Mentor,

Constance Hart


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