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Green Color Therapy for Balanced Giving

The color green is truly nature’s healing color.

Set right in the middle of the visible spectrum, green reminds us of balance. So, exposure to Green can help you balance any area where it feels like the scale has been tipped too far to one side. A Green Color Therapy practice can help.

You can visualize green (like all colors) ANY where in the physical body and you can apply the Green Color Aroma Oil on any area of the body utilizing the key Conscious Colors principle of having a union between intention and attention.

What is my intention? And where is my attention?

For therapy, healing, nursing, yoga, counseling, and caregiving professionals of all types, a Green Color Therapy practice is a must to have in your daily self-care tool kit. And after you practice attuning with this color energy it will be easier and easier for you to share with your clients/patients/students from a deep place of knowing the benefits of healing with the green ray.

Parents Need Extra Green

Right now, so many parents are in need of exposure to green energy. With many kids at home due to covid-19, parents are finding themselves with so much more to juggle. Learning to juggle priorities is one thing but having a continued sense of balance that is lasting and nurturing is another. This is where green energy attunements are very helpful.

Green can help open the heart center and help you feel more giving and generous, helping you feel like you have more time.

Green reminds us of expansive fields and usually has that effect on our psyche, connecting us to an overall feeling of spaciousness.

On Boundaries

Many practitioners have been taught about “keeping boundaries,” and I’m not saying that practice is ineffective, I like to simply add another perspective. That when we create a boundary, it also means there is a boundary with the energy flowing outward to others also. A boundary is a shield that shields you from receiving, yet often shields your giving energy as well. If this is what you desire, it’s fine, but usually if you examine yourself further, you’ll find it’s not quite what you want.

Working with the green ray can help create an energy of possibility around balance between self and others, plus balance between others and self. Can you feel the slight difference based on the order in those two phrases? Self and others, others and self. Start with the self, expand your energy, discover what you’re capable of holding energetically, and then allow, invite, and share your energy responsibly with others.

Remember my mention of intention and attention earlier? Here’s a great place to expand your consciousness.

 A Conscious Colors Green Color Therapy Practice


My intention is that I can give help, time, love, care, and attention to others without losing myself in the process or getting too drained or tired or feeling like I’m being taken advantage of or my time isn’t being respected.

If my attention is continually placed on the action of pushing away the other or setting myself up with the thought that I’m going to be “used” or drained, there’s no way I’m going to experience the balance I desire.

I need to put my attention on the knowing that I can have the balance I desire.

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An Invitation:

green color therapy practiceWith the green ray in your awareness, practice saying yes sometimes and saying no sometimes.

If I’m always saying yes I’m out of balance. Likewise If I’m always saying no I’m out of balance.

Inquiry: What am I saying yes to? What am I saying no to?

When your intention and attention are aligned, you’re ready to work further with the energy.

*First person is used to recite to your self/client/patient/student and have them silently repeat to themself

Let’s clarify and simplify:

My intention is to have a balance of time for self and others.

My attention is going to be on filling myself up.


My intention is that I’m going to have extra energy for others.

My attention is going to be on noticing when I feel depleted, so I can attend to filling myself up again.

A Conscious Colors Green Attunement

green color therapy practice

Spray Green Color Aroma Mist around the body. If working in person with your client/patient/students have the client outstretch arms and visualize a circle around the body filling with green balancing energy.

Inhale the Green Color Aroma deeply with this script:

“Wherever I am, wherever I go, balance is with me.

I have balance and I know balance.

I can decide when it’s time to go and when it’s time to stop. I have balance with me now.”

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green color therapy practice

Apply Green Color Aroma Oil to palms, cup hands, bring to nose, close eyes, inhale deeply with this script:

“I’m filling myself up now with the energy of the green ray.

This green energy allows me to take a breath for myself before I extend my help to others.

I love helping people. I have more than enough energy to share.

I’m breathing in balance now. I feel full. I am filled up now.”

Apply the Green Color Aroma Oil to upper chest, upper arms, upper back, and anywhere on the body that would like to feel this energy.

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