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Color Therapy Tips

Orange Color Therapy for Resiliency

True resilience is the ability to adjust easily to change, as well as to recover from adversity. Adjusting to change is an art and requires creativity, ingenuity, and most certainly flexibility.

The more flexible you are, the more resilient. Having the energy of flexibility on your side means you can flow with “what is” in any given moment, whether it’s something you want or something you don’t want.

This is such a freeing energy and wildly creative! It means you can take part in creating a new reality for yourself you’re your clients) regardless of what’s going on around you.

Utilizing the Orange ray will help you and your clients attune to flexibility and creativity.

A new reality always starts with feeling and consciousness.

The great thing about Color Energy Therapy is that the actual color frequency can help change your mind for you.

Immersing yourself with the color from time to time knowing that it can offer this benefit will change your emotional investment in the positive shift, and that goes a long way.

Orange Ray Attunement

You might like to print the next section and read/recite while gazing at the color orange in front of you. The most influential benefits come from inhaling the Orange Color Aroma, having the color energy flowing through your inner being by applying the Color Aroma Oil and spraying the Color Aroma Mist in your Aura and space.

Gaze at the Conscious Colors orange color flower or find any orange object (candle, cloth, construction paper, placemat, mug) to set in front of you. Enjoy a few centering breaths and eventually breathe deeper and quieter.

“I breathe now inviting this orange energy into my being. With each breath I breathe in orange color energy and let it become a part of who I am.

I imagine many rivers and streams of energy flowing within my body carrying with them light. All of these internal energy streams are now filling with pleasing orange liquid light. With each breath this orange liquid light is moving through and with these many pathways of energy, transferring its creative life force to me and through me.

I am filled with a vast creative energy now. My inner being is illuminating with orange light from within. As I tune to this orange light I know that I have all the energy I need to be led to creative ideas and choices to assist me in feeling even more creative. The more creative I feel, the more flexible I become. I can go with the flow. I can flow with whatever may be different now, knowing that I am being led to newness.

I breathe with orange to feel the upliftment and freedom that it brings me. When I breathe with orange light I feel more in love with life and all the new possibilities that change will reveal.

I breathe with orange to receive flexibility and resiliency now. And so it is.”

Click Here for a PDF Copy of this Attunement

Remember—all change begins with a single thought!

And, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

When working with your clients/students/patients always have them recite silently. After gazing with the color orange for a few moments you may invite them to close their eyes and breathe deeply from the Color Aroma Oil on their palms or a cotton pad. With the eyes closed and deep inhalations, the color energy can transmit further within.


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Enjoy your new energy!

Both in color and consciousness.


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Your guide,

Constance Hart


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