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Color Therapy Practice

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Bright Red Energy Activation

Utilize the color Bright Red in your sessions to help activate and awaken both physical and mental/emotional energy.

Identify the need for Bright Red to begin.

Physical Query

Does your client feel heavy in the body? Feel lethargic? Have poor circulation? Feel cold?

Emotional Query

Does your client lack ambition, motivation, focus?

Basic Practice:

Introduce the color Bright Red visually.

Suggestions if you don’t have the Conscious Colors Practitioner Tools*:

  • construction paper
  • A swatch of fabric or scarf
  • A candle
  • A glass
  • A bright red bowl (empty or filled with matching beads)
  • Use your own creativity.

All change begins with a single thought.

Next, introduce your client to an affirming thought.

Choose an appropriate match here:

My life force is vibrant.

I feel energized, awake, and ready for action.

My body is enlivened with life force energy.

I am starting to feel warm.

I’d like to be active today.

I invite ambition and determination today.

Now I am open to being focused.

Today I am open to more energy.

I am energetic.

Next, apply Color Aroma Oil to your client’s hands.

Instruct a deep inhalation of the Color Aroma with the affirmation you selected or simply “I am energetic.”

Bonus Practice:

Invite your client to focus her mind on her hands and fingertips while breathing with the Color Aroma. Next, instruct her to imagine her hands and fingers as bright red light.

Guide your client with this visualization, and I always suggest you practice this before guiding others.

Visualize yourself comfortably holding a glowing ball of bright red light. (actually hold an imaginary ball within the hands)

Imagine this red ray warming your hands. (if this is challenging visualize a fire or a candle flame to access the image of warmth)

Next, actively extend your fingers and imagine that each finger is its own glowing bright red arrow of energy.

Then, visualize directing these red energy conduits toward any area of the body that is requesting a “wake up.”


Feet/legs if physically sluggish

Mid belly if digestion needs activating

Heart center for low blood pressure

The head to activate the mind

Give appropriate time and space for the client to be with the energy. Next, remind the client to silently recite the affirmation while visualizing the color. The client may open eyes briefly to see the color again externally if needed.

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