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Deep Red Color Therapy Meditation

Each color ray is a wavelength, a vibration, a frequency of light that you also have within your body being. At any time a particular color energy vibration can be missing or dim, or as I prefer to say “less present,” or “wanting attention.” This Color Therapy Meditation will help bring in more frequency of light into your body being. With regard to the Deep Red frequency, you’ll know when you need more of this Color Therapy when you



are feeling a lack of trust in your body, less stable and secure, ungrounded, fearful around finances and perhaps experiencing cold hands and feet.

Deep Red Color Therapy an energy similar to the qualities that your Root Chakra can support you with. Your Root Chakra is vitally important to your overall well being as it is the foundation for your entire energy body.

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It’s easier than you may think to help yourself and your clients/patients/students get in a better vibrational rhythm with the qualities of the Deep Red ray. All change begins with a single thought.

Conscious Colors Deep Red Energy Meditation

Read, Recite, Repeat with the color Deep Red in your Consciousness:
“I am now open to a new physical and emotional foundation for my entire bodymindspirit. I’m willing to open my mind to a feeling of stability and abundance. As I open to these intentions, I allow the color energy Deep Red into my mind’s eye. With my eyes closed, I invite the memory of Deep Red to fill my conscious awareness. I imagine my entire body is filling up with these stabilizing color ray. As I imagine every cell of my being receive Deep Red energy I know that I can and will attract everything I need and want to be taken care of in all realms (physical, mental, emotional, material). I now invite a sense of ease and contentment in.

As I inhale, I receive the Deep Red Color Aroma of cedar wood, vanilla, and rosewood. (for those of you that have the Conscious Colors Deep Red Color Aroma) As I breathe with the thought of ease, I feel more centered and secure in my bodymindspirit. I invite my entire body being to feel grounded and centered in my new abundance now. I am centering with the abundance of all that is possible and probable for me.

I give myself an image of something simple that I need right now. I also give myself the image of something I want right now. This could be a material object or an emotional quality. As I breathe with an image of abundance that is personal to me, I breathe with expectancy and joy. I let myself imagine and visualize and daydream like a child does. Playfully and with joy– free of expectation or demand– just simply for the joy of having the imagination.

I now welcome the joy of this daydream into my hands as I anoint the Deep Red Color Aroma into my palms. I inhale the aromatherapy deeply knowing it is now helping to influence my memory and create a new memory– one of me receiving my dreams coming true. I smile and allow my nose to do the work as I inhale into the deeper part of my mind that imagines and dreams, visualizes and calls into my future. I claim my abundance fully now. I am open to my abundance and allow it to show me what I’m available for and so it is.”

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Color Aroma helps visualizing color easier and helps each color’s mood message become a lasting memory.

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Constance Hart, Color Therapy Visionary


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