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Mastering the Art of Change

Change is a four letter word! 😉 Oh, it’s five! Well, change feels like a four letter word sometimes, doesn’t it?!

especially if the change feels negative or challenging.
you can either kick and scream, push against, complain, resist, and put up roadblocks to flowing with change, staying stuck in fear, tension, anger, frustration, anxiety, and hatred OR
you can learn the practice of embracing, allowing, and flowing with change, seeking its deeper reason and purpose and benefit.

If you play the “long game of life” — meaning allowing for a deep unfolding– you’ll discover that there is ALWAYS a positive purpose, benefit, and outcome to everything that happens in our lives. Sigh….

Shifting your experience of change from one of frustration and tension to an attitude of curiosity and eagerness takes practice.

First in your mind, then in your body.

Your spirit has already “got your back,” so allowing yourself to be in alignment energetically/physically with this realm of yourself is really the first step to having a more easeful experience with change.

My best wisdom offering to master change is to shift the idea of acceptance to the idea of allowing.

Acceptance is wonderful of course! Example- self acceptance, accepting people of all cultures and backgrounds, accepting a gift! Sometimes, however, the idea of acceptance can be misunderstood and misused and can energetically create a stopping point or a feeling of “throwing the towel in.”

I often hear from clients something like this when attempting to have energy movement in their lives:

“I accept this and now I must move on. This is over. I accept I haven’t been successful here, and I need to let go of this and move on. It’s done and I need to accept it and that’s that.”

Can you feel how finite acceptance can feel?

The energy of allowing is a little different.

Allowing can help you to embrace something as part of your now moving into the future. Allowing opens the energy to an attitude of learning, to receiving the unknown gifts of the change. To the “more” that may be hidden.

The energy of allowing says:

“This has happened and now what? I’m open. I’m open to seeing how this is part of something bigger. I’m open to receive the gift of this change. I now allow this to open to something bigger, more expansive, even more loving. I allow this change to be an active part of my life.”

Life is in progress.  It’s not over yet!

Each area of life is in a bigger picture of progress than you often know. How you treat yourself in one area, affects all the other areas of your life. J

When you’re dissatisfied with something (or an outcome of an experience), you can soothe yourself into a deeper reality of reality by tuning yourself to this bigger picture of energy.

Use the following script to guide yourself. Focus on just one subject.

Of course you may return to the script again, but for now just allow yourself to practice tuning in on one subject at a time.

Use the same word/phrase when you fill in the blanks below.

Use a VERY general word. Example- work, relationship, love, abundance, health. This will help the energy expand.

Self Guidance Script for Opening Up to Change:

“It’s not over yet. This scenario is in progress.

My experience of_________is not over yet. My ______is in progress.

There is something better, more expansive, more pleasing, more easeful, more satisfying, more joyful on its way to me.

I am in progress.

My Universe is not out to get me. My Universe is a loving Universe, so there is more ______ coming to me.

I have changed and thus my _______has changed.Change is a constant and if I am growing spiritually, my ______ must change as a reflection of this growth.

All is well and I will look for examples of what is well in my day.

I will spend time noticing small- little- easy things to guide me to remind me that there is wellness. I say thank you to these small reminders that I am surrounded by love, satisfaction, beauty, and abundance.

There is always love. There is always guidance.

There is always abundance. There is always love.

There is always wellness. There is always love.

I am open to this change now, as I am in a state of allowing, and in my allowing, I know there is more that is unfolding and being revealed to me and through me.”


Click Here for a PDF Copy of this Self-Guidance Script

Recommended Color Aroma Oils for this attunement:






Pale Blue Color Aroma Mist

Mist around you and in the room, to breathe in peace first







Orange Color Aroma Oil

Apply on your palms, inhale to feel the possibility of yourself being able to flow with change, apply to low belly, low back




Enjoy your Colors!

Constance Hart, Color Therapy Visionary