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Color Therapy Tip

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How to Choose a Color for Therapy

Choose a color based on a POSITIVE feeling!

Wondering what the best way to choose a color to start an effective color therapy for your client? For your own meditations and daily attunements? Here’s one method:

I suggest you choose a color by starting with a color that best expresses a positive feeling your client is having about her/his life. 

What is this person celebrating right now?

If you start a healing therapy from a place of energy that already exists in that person’s now reality, in their current experience, it can truly expand their global frequency/vibration. The greater benefit of this is that it puts her/him in a more easily-accessed positive energy signature.

The electromagnetic field can expand and allow for attracting other better feeling thoughts, emotions and experiences from this foundation of “what’s already good,” “what’s feeling great,” where there is already a feeling of success, accomplishment, and/or contentment.

This sets up a foundation of positivity that then invites more pleasing energy into their perhaps more challenging “needs” and “wants.”

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Is your client feeling peaceful, but maybe wants more joy in his/her life? The tendency in healing would be to choose a color that activates joy, and in the Conscious Colors modality, the Yellow ray’s energy signature ” I am joyful” would be a match.

Well, sometimes, if you make your first choice from a place of lack rather than abundance, meaning from need, want, and challenge, rather than the client’s internal feeling of mastery, she/he might find reciting the color affirmation feels defeating and untrue, rather than uplifting.

In this simple example feeling peaceful but wanting more joy, I will instead have the client start with the first color emotion (Pale Blue- “I am peaceful”) and choose other colors that also feel peaceful to her/him.

A Conscious Colors prescription™ utilizing this method will start with Pale Blue, I am peaceful, and will likely include other peaceful-feeling colors like Deep Violet, I am meditative, and Pale Violet, I am light. What the client is ultimately desiring–the feeling of joy, will start to build from having deeper exposure to, and engagement with, colors (and expressions) that the client is already feeling joyful about.

The beauty of this particular example is that the “I am joyful” expression of the yellow ray has a distinct relationship to the violet rays.

In the Conscious Colors Training Course I teach all about complimentary colors and their benefit on the emotions. The complimentary colors to yellow are the violet rays, which also contain blue. Once this client activates and expands the feeling tone and benefits of Pale Blue (soothing, calming, relaxing) and the complimentary colors Deep Violet (soothing and centering) and Pale Violet (expansive and uplifting), the appropriate “baby steps” through these Color Therapy allies will have been set in place energetically that lead her/him to a complete availability to receive and respond to the yellow ray’s more activating qualities of clarity, self esteem, confidence, and ultimate expression: I am joyful.

Here’s a sample Color Aroma Prescription:

  1. Pale Blue Color Aroma Mist to set energy in room and client’s aura “I am celebrating peace.”
  2. Apply Pale Blue Color Aroma Oil on body “I have peace within.”
  3. Deep Violet Color Aroma Mist to put supportive energy in the client’s energy field (aura) “Relaxation guides me.”
  4. Apply Deep Violet Color Aroma Oil on body “I am being guided to more contentment.”
  5. Apply Pale Violet Color Aroma Oil on body “I am inviting what I want in.”
  6. Pale Violet Color Aroma Mist to set energy client is leaving with “I am opening to more joy now.”

Can you feel the progression and expansion through this prescription?

Trained Conscious Colors practitioners learn how to craft personalized affirmations from the positive things their clients can actually say about themselves or their lives at the time of the attunement. In this way any Color Aroma Oil or Mist utilized is then strengthening that vibration, that positive thought, and helping it to become more real-ized in the person’s bodymindspirit and life.

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