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pink healing

Pink Healing for Allowing

This Pink healing offers you an opportunity to deepen into the energy of love, self love, and unconditional love as a path to understanding that your body, your mind, and your emotions truly aren’t “out to get you,” rather most-certainly, they are here to assist you.

Most of the guidance sessions I’ve given recently, with all my clients, have been a deep teaching in how to flow with allowing a challenging physical condition, a seemingly-disrupting emotional state, and/or a repeating negative set of thoughts and perceptions. At times it can feel so very difficult approaching these fluctuations with an attitude of understanding, compassion, and love. I’m sure you know this!

Plus, helping your clients/patients/students who feel almost paralyzed by their thoughts and emotions can be a challenge, too.

This is where a simple Conscious Colors Guided Imagery practice with the color Pink can truly help.

I recently offered a free Conscious Colors guided session that includes an attunement focused on tuning into the energy of allowing through the pink ray:

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Tuning into the soft, gentle, allowing vibration of love can truly set you free– from what you wish to untangle from, as well as what you want to be engaged in. Easier said than done of course if you’re experiencing physical symptoms, emotional challenges, or negative thoughts.

Breathe with pink and this idea for a moment:

pink healing


All thoughts, feelings, and symptoms are always in service to your higher lighter self.

Allowing the “what is,” with an attitude of loving kindness can help this condition, emotion, or thought to soften. This softening creates an energetic signature that is mutable, meaning movable/changeable, rather than the stiff, on high alert, at attention (soldier), and defensive, energetic signature that stress otherwise can create.


Reminder—your thoughts are mutable! And your thoughts are part of your physical reality. This is where the Conscious Colors system really comes in to help:

Consciously connecting a new thought with the matching color frequency of that thought, allows for easy and enjoyable personal transformation as the color provides a powerful subliminal reminder.

Then, Color Aroma takes it all a valuable step further by activating the olfactory sense’s ability to create new long-lasting positive memories. If you’re working with clients/students/patients you’ll find this system a breath of fresh air to share. Read All About Color Aroma Here

A Conscious Colors Pink Healing Protocol:

Start by misting the Pink Color Aroma Mist in your treatment room or office. First, set yourself in the energy of “I am loving” by closing your eyes, inhaling the Color Aroma, and silently reciting “I am loving” as you visualize the space 1) one arm’s length around your body and 2) the entire room filling with loving pink light. Next, repeat with your client/patient/student(s) just before arrival or with her/him/them.

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Next, apply two drops of the Pink Color Aroma Oil either to your fingertips, or your client’s/patient’s/student’s palms, or a cotton pad and invite her/him/them to inhale the Color Aroma while silently reciting “I am allowing.” Invite an application on the body (never eyes or mucus membranes) in an area that is requesting this energy of loving allowing.

Listen to this Conscious Colors Pink Attunement for more ideas:

Click Here to get the Free Conscious Colors Attunement

Use Password: allowingpink

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Your Well Being Guide,

Constance Hart, Founder/Developer

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