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Color Therapy Tip

white light re-set

White Light Reset

Is it Time to Re-Set With the Mother of all Colors?

A White Light Re-Set will tune you with the energy of wholeness. For the energy of White is really what you’re seeing when you see the rainbow. Embedded in that white frequency is each of the primary color rays, that then combine to make up secondary rays, and tertiary colors (combinations of primary and secondary colors) and so on.

So, when you want to “press the energetic reset button” on your own feeling of wholeness, reuniting with the color white with a White Light Re-Set can do just that.

Yet, going “all in” with the color energy of wholeness, and truly, the energy of all light, all frequency, and all energetic possibility, may require a little preparation. At least, that’s my suggestion.

For Practitioners, be sure to consider this when working with your clients/patients/students. You may want to reconsider jumping right into white if your client has been feeling very off-balance, especially out-of-sorts, and/or disoriented.

White Light Re-Set Protocol for Wisely Reuniting With Your White Light Self:

*always practice with self 1st before sharing/instructing clients

white light re-set


  • Mist the White Color Aroma Mist in the room before you enter
  • Ground hands and feet with Deep Red Color Aroma Oil
  • Apply Deep Violet Color Aroma Oil on crown for grounding
  • Deep breathe with focus on and in the heart center
  • Apply Green Color Aroma Oil on the chest and upper back
  • Practice breathing into the Aura, beyond surface of the skin
  • Mist the White Color Aroma Mist in the Aura, around the body
  • Apply the White Color Aroma Oil anywhere o the body that feels it is most in need.

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Enjoy your Re-Set and Enjoy your Colors!

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Your Well being Guide,

Constance Hart


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