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energy balancing for fertility

Energy Balancing for Fertility

Energy balancing for fertility with Conscious Colors offers a way to attune your body being to four key color rays that will support your fertility journey. I recommend : Orange, Pale Blue, Pink, and Gold.

Color Energy Therapy offers a way to attune your body being to vibration, to frequency, to light. We are what we vibrate, and each color ray has within it its own unique vibration. Each color has its own expression, its own personality, that can help you attune yourself. In the Conscious Colors system, each color offers a mood that you get an opportunity to align with, and thus become.

For energy balancing for fertility, I recommend four color rays to begin with that will support your fertility journey: Orange, Pale Blue, Pink, and Gold.
energy balancing for fertility

The entry-place for these color rays are the chakra centers. The chakra centers are inner energy vortexes within the body that help to awaken, circulate, and expand vibrational energy to the organs, glands, and major systems in the body, influencing overall health and wellness. If you’re interested in energy balancing for fertility, I invite you to be interested in your inner energy centers.

Since the sacral chakra governs the energy of the female reproductive organs, of course you want to attend to the vibrational health and well being of your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra enjoyed being awakened with the orange ray. One of the key benefits to an awakened sacral chakra is an ability to be creative with life—meaning creatively flowing with change. Can you see how this chakra and it’s awakening color will be a great ally to the entire fertility/conception/birthing/mothering cycle?

Exposure to the Orange ray can help you attune to the qualities of flexibility and fluidity. The orange ray brings in an active flowing energy that can help support releasing control issues and perfectionism. This energy is key to going with the flow, while at the same time developing patience, which will help keep stress and blocked energy at bay.



energy balancing for fertilityThe Pale Blue ray is needed next. This is the Conscious Colors complimentary color to Orange and provides a breath of peace for the adjustment of “creatively going with the flow.” Attuning with the Pale Blue ray is vital while awakening the sacral chakra’s energy to ensure that true harmony is supported.

So, you’re seemingly serving the sacral chakra now, however, the energy that feeds into this inner energy center comes from the chakra center below it and the chakra above it. The root chakra spins energy upward into the sacral center, and the navel chakra (a minor chakra) spins energy downward into the sacral inner energy center. All three are vital to enhancing your fertility.

energy balancing for fertilityInviting the Pink ray energy into the root chakra is an ideal offering of support for your fertility center. The root chakra ray is a red vibration. Pink is the lightest version of the red ray. Your root chakra is the foundation of your entire inner energy system. So, the color ray you choose to attune your root chakra with will set the tone for all your other energy centers. For your fertility healing, attuning with the pink ray will encourage a foundational energy that’s steeped in loving kindness. This gentle, soft, loving vibration is really the foundation of being self-loving and self-accepting, self-allowing, and self-understanding. Such good support for going with the flow, yes?!

energy balancing for fertilityFinally, the Gold ray offers a centering that eases anxiety and anxiousness. Being centered in present time, free from projecting childhood wounds into the now, while also being free from stressing about moments that haven’t happened yet, is truly a gift. It takes practice, though. Centering with the “I am present” ray can offer a unique balancing of emotions and thoughts into clarity.

So, you’ve got a starting point with these four Conscious Colors healers. Start with mindful meditation. Incorporate the mood affirmations and colors into your day. Start to practice visualization.

The most profound and powerful way to absorb these color frequencies into your being is utilizing Color Aroma. Color Therapy through Aromatherapy. Each Color Aroma Oil is a wise blend of three pure essential oils that have color energy properties, based on the color of the flower/fruit they come from, as well as the therapeutic benefits of the color ray itself. As you experience the scent of color, you’ll find it easier to visualize color, remember the affirmation, and actually send that mood into your memory creating it as a current time reality. Ahhhhh!

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