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Post Eclipse Re-Balancing Tips

Here’s some help for balancing your solar and lunar energies within. We may be post eclipse, but we aren’t beyond the solar and lunar energy joining in this way. In fact, we are still in the “glow” of this entire energy effect until the Fall Equinox on September 22, 2017. *Note- these tips are useful for all times, too!

Did you experience the moon solar eclipse in some way? Are you feeling any after effects?


Solar energy is more active, doing, masculine, thinking, linear, outward.


Lunar energy is more reflective, being, feminine, feeling, inward.

Although one eclipsed the other, they were joined in union also, and this mirrors energy within our subtle energy body as well.

The easiest way to understand and tune into these two key energies post eclipse is through the lens of your inner energy centers, the chakras. Get Your FREE Conscious Colors Complete Chakra Guide Here


Here’s an invitation:

Begin to think of your solar plexus chakra as your main solar center and your inner eye chakra as your main lunar center. Of course, once your inner energy starts to circulate and flow, all of your chakras experience and utilize both, but focusing on these two will help you re-balance yourself into wholeness if you’re favoring one or the other to a point where you feel out of harmony.

The other reason is so you can celebrate when you are feeling in harmony!


Start Consciously Attuning with Conscious Color Therapy:


post eclipse










Awake: clarity, wisdom, focused, joyful, blissful, positive, self esteem & confidence, inquisitive

Over-activated: egoistic, over-thinker, resentful, angry, tense

Under-activated: doubtful, fearful, confused, unconfident, sad & gloomy, hoarding, lack of curiosity

Best Color Aroma Healers: 


Yellow Color Aroma Oil on mid belly, mid back, elbows

Yellow Color Aroma Mist in the Aura and any room/space







• In what ways do I over-tax my digestive system?
• How can I bring out my unique personality & gifts?
• What negative stories and beliefs am I ready to release now?
• How can I improve my diet to less processed and more live food?
• What areas of my life do I tend to over-analyze and formulate? How can I begin to let go of these?
• What activities & people bring me joy & happiness & how often do I give myself that?
• Daily journaling of “My positive attributes today were…….”



Awake: ability to trust inner wisdom, intuitive, imaginative inner images, connected to psychic abilities

Over-activated: disconnected from reality, overly-confident/trusting

Under-activated: lack of trust in intuition, dull & dreary view of life

Best Color Aroma Healers: 


Royal Blue Color Aroma Oil on forehead

Royal Blue Color Aroma Mist in the Aura and any room/space







• Do I trust my analytical mind more than my intuitive mind?
• How often do I spend time “daydreaming?”
• In what areas of my life have I made decisions from my intuition?
• Do I spend conscious time daily (not sleeping) with my eyes closed?
• Do I consistently stretch my neck & relax my shoulders?
• Can I consider making time to reflect on my dreams & write them down in the morning?
• Am I experiencing coincidences in my life?

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