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Green Color Therapy for Overactivity

It feels phenomenal to be physically active. At the same time, it’s possible to over-use physical activity for a variety of reasons, including to produce temporary endorphin rushes. That rush may feel great in the moment, but it shouldn’t replace a healthy feeling of having consistent energy. It’s important to help yourself/your clients/patients/students avoid burning out the body’s physical energy reserves. In subtle energy body terms this means avoid “burning out the root chakra.” Green Color Therapy offers a way to help. Then why is this image Bright Red?!

The body is complex. A network of cells, blood, water, tissues, organs, glands, and systems that all work together toward a common goal: giving you life. The body also has a complex network of energy frequencies that are vibrating within the body’s cells, animating the organs, and traveling along particular pathways. Yoga’s chakra system is a helpful guide to beginning to understand how seemingly non-physical energy frequencies and the physical body intersect and inform each other, as well as provides a framework to understanding more about how the physical body and emotions are interrelated. To Learn More About the Chakra System, Click Here 

green color therapyUsing the chakra system as a guide, the Root Chakra (energy center) energetically governs the area including the feet, legs, buttocks, and lower pelvis. Physical movement activates this energy center, which appears in this image as the red glowing area. Red frequency tends to be stimulating for the physical body. When physical activity is high it’s natural for the root chakra to get over activated. You don’t have to see it as a “bad thing,” rather  utilize that awareness as a key to how to support this person’s energy state

Just like the ying and yang balance taught in Chinese healing modalities and philosophy, in the Conscious Colors approach of understanding subtle and physical energy, each chakra center has its seemingly opposite, yet complementary, interdependent energy ally. The balancer for a red frequency is its true complement: the frequency found in the color green. This middle ray in the visible spectrum truly does hold the energy signature of balance which can help bring an over-activated chakra back into its own unique state of harmony. Get fully trained in Color Therapy with the Conscious Colors Color Therapy Course Click Here to Learn More

If your clientgreen color therapy/patient/student is physically active and exercising daily– which is certainly ideal, of course, it’s still possible to “burnout” the energy center of physical activity, the root chakra.

How will you know? Emotional attitude and mood affects everything! If exercise is approached with an attitude of pushing, stretching beyond one’s natural capabilities, perhaps a focus on quantifying results, achieving higher levels of fitness with a tense emotion around success, balance may be lost. The motivation of exercising for healthiness and happiness is wonderful, and improving one’s level of fitness can be very healthy, but if the underlying emotion moves into a state of agitation, aggravation, perfectionism, and/or feeling depleted and burned out, it’s time for bringing in the green balance ray to help.

Meditation – Visualization – Reflection – Encouragement

The most basic place to start to introduce this color energy frequency to the bodymindspirit is through visual connection. Suggest setting up a conscious Color Therapy altar to be visited daily: this can be a table dedicated to objects in the color green or simply an area any where in one’s home or office that can have a green focal point. While the eyes are receiving green, the mind can receive “I am balanced.” Wearing green more often, putting the color green in areas that are visited often (kitchen, bathroom, car, etc.), using a green-colored toothbrush, as a fun example, are simple ways to “play” with the color in daily life.

Next, encourage meditation. Helping yourself and/or a client/patient/student meditate with green on a daily basis goes a long way to creating balance in the body. Meditating with color energy doesn’t require a lot of time, it just requires some conscious time and preparation.  With practice, this natural balancing frequency can simply become part of the body’s internal natural ability to balance overactivity. Click Here to Order Conscious Colors Chakra and Color Meditations 

The best meditation is the simplest when you utilize the Green Color Aroma Oil and Mist Why? Because 1) as your client looks at the bottle he/she’s receiving exposure to green 2) as he/she inhales the aroma he/she feels more balanced while breathing in green energy frequency (through essential oils of rosewood, geranium, and spruce) 3) applying* the Green Color Aroma Oil on the skin allows the body to absorb the therapeutic benefits of these essential oils which include antimicrobial, antiseptic, antidepressant, balancing, and anti-inflammatory assistance, as well as encourage moods of harmony, balance, and spaciousness. 4) misting the Green Color Aroma Mist helps set the energy of balance in the electromagnetic filed, as well as the healing space.

*Apply to hands first and then apply to feet, calves, and around knees for an overactive root chakra, otherwise apply to any area of body that is experiencing over-activation.

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