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pale blue color aroma for sleep

Pale Blue Color Aroma for Sleep

What an ally the Pale Blue frequency is! It can truly provide peace. If you or your clients/patients/students have trouble getting to sleep and having deep restful sleep, the entire bodymindspirit can benefit from introducing this color ray. Sure, applying the Pale Blue Color Aroma Oil for sleep at night before bedtime is important, but this color ray’s benefits extend to managing emotions throughout the day. Starting early is suggested, so that by the time bedtime rolls around, the mind is ready to relax and let go. 

Much of the reason why someone has a difficult time going to sleep at night is the mind. This active entity of the self just loves to be busy! One of my greatest meditation teachers taught me that “mind is not a noun– mind is a verb.” This means it only knows how to be active. Yes, we can certainly redirect the mind, but we’ve got to help it along the way…..throughout the entire day.

Often, unexpressed thoughts and emotions will simply just stay with the self long after the opportunity for expression has passed. Plus, if during the day one’s routine is moving from one activity to commitment to the next, without much pause for self-reflection, once the head reaches the pillow, as soon as the neck and head begin to relax, it’s as if of all of a sudden all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions from the day have been told they’ve been given permission to be expressed and released. Of course, this isn’t actually the case, right? This is all happening on an unconscious level. While your client may be trying to see sheep at night, the mind is busy (again) attempting to get his/her attention.

You can help “the mind verb” move in the direction of a noun by helping your clients/patients/students/self pay attention earlier, throughout the day, when thoughts and emotions that want expression may be bubbling up, but perhaps are not being given the time and space to be expressed. No judgment, just an opportunity for more conscious awareness, allowing, and love!

A Wonderful Practice of Conscious Colors Awareness to Share:

pale blue color aroma for sleep

Keep an “expression journal” with you and when you feel a thought, response (perhaps it’s more of a triggered reaction…..that’s okay, too, of course), and/or feeling bubble up that you’d like to express (to someone or yourself or the world) jot it down and breathe with this stream of conscious thoughts: “I am peaceful. Right now, I am communicating and expressing. Right now, I am supporting my thoughts, feeling, and emotions in having their expression. My mind can be peaceful tonight, as I am having my thoughts and emotions fully now. I can have peaceful rest.”

pale blue color aroma for sleep

To take the experience of these conscious thoughts and the Color Therapy benefits deeper:

Apply the Pale Blue Color Aroma in your palms, massage in hands (to affect nerve endings here that reach the brain), and inhale “I am peaceful.”

The essential oils of lavender, marjoram, and palmarosa bring your conscious mind the Color Aroma of Pale Blue and the therapeutic benefits can soothe the nervous system, act as a light sedative, and bring emotional calming to your entire bodymindspirit.

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