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Color Therapy Tip

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Orange Color Therapy for Flowing with Change

Attuning yourself with Orange Color Therapy will help you attune to the qualities of flexibility and fluidity. The Orange ray is related to your sacral chakra, which governs your bladder and kidneys (water energy), as well as the female reproductive organs. When you think of water, don’t you think of fluidity and flow?

Having the energy of fluidity on your side means you can flow with “what is” in any given moment, whether it’s something you want or something you don’t want in life. This is such a freeing energy and wildly creative!

Practice Flowing with Change

Being able to flow with change, without resistance, requires a change in consciousness, a change in perception. Once your conscious mind changes, your entire experience with/about/of change can change. The great thing about Color Energy Therapy is that the actual color frequency can help change your mind for you. Immersing yourself with the color from time to time knowing that it can offer you this benefit will change your emotional investment in it- and that goes a long way.

Here’s a truth:

Everything in Nature changes. Nature is constantly fluctuating and we are part of Nature. Not flowing with change is actually attempting to go against a law of the Universe: that everything in Nature changes.

So, what if all things changing were actually for some benefit? Some positive reason? Some glorious outcome that hasn’t happened yet, but is going to happen? What if anything that is changing, that is requiring you to adjust, is truly for your highest good, for the highest good of all…….could you change the way you think about change?

Remember that change in perception I mentioned? Here’s a great place to start: “The Universe is creative and this change is for the best.”

Here’s where Orange Color Therapy really comes in to help you be resilient.

Encourage Orange Color Therapy Expansion in Your Daily Life

This Orange ray energy, of going with the flow, being fluid and flexible with change and transition can develop within you with a few practices:

  1. Drink more water! (fluid…..flexible)
  2. Move your hips! (get the sacral center freeing itself up of tension and limitations
  3. Breathe from your low belly! (practice with your hands below your navel, feeling an undulation while you breathe—practice lying down and sitting to find what’s easiest for your to feel)
  4. Release perfectionism! (easier said than done, I know, but this is a practice worth embarking upon)
  5. Release control where you can! (start small- let someone else do something that you normally only do)
  6. Meditate with Orange as often as you can! (using Color Aroma is easy- anoint morning and night, mist throughout the day…..check)
  7. Emote! (don’t hold back….cry when you want/need to cry…..yell when you need to….get it out…..flow)
  8. Ask for help! I’m here and I have helped thousands of people overcome this rigidity and move into fluidity.

For a deeper immersion with this orange ray healer, play with visualizing your sacral area filling with radiant orange light; imagine your breath soft orange light in color and breathe deeply, yet softly, into your low belly, hips, and low back.

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Apply your Orange Color Aroma Oil to your low belly and low back daily. Be sure to inhale its fragrant and therapeutic scent while reciting “I am creative.”

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I hope to see you become a Color Aroma Therapist soon!

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