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Color Therapy Practice

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Crown Chakra Practice

This Crown Chakra Practice will help you “ground down from the crown” with Deep Violet color energy. I highly suggest this practice if you want to increase the feeling of trust in your body. We’ll utilize Deep Violet Color Aroma in this practice as it is the perfect ally to help you ground into your physical body from a place of trust and non-efforting.

crown chakra practicecrown chakra practiceDeep Violet is made up of 1/2 Deep Red frequency (helps you feel abundantly grounded) and 1/2 Blue energy (helps you feel peaceful and calm). Deep Violet energy is unique in that it can help you feel grounded in a meditative feeling of peace.



crown chakra practiceThis Crown Chakra Practice is a vitally helpful way to ground yourself when you find yourself in an overly active state or a state of efforting too much. Your crown chakra is the most “least-effort” chakra (energy center) in your body being. This means you typically do not have to spend much time “attending” to it or “treating” it, as you would the other chakras. Your crown chakra simply wants you to remember it is an ally for you, that it is a portal to your higher realms of being and consciousness, and when you re-member this, the energy you’ve collected there will serve you, on your behalf, without much effort from you. Learn More About the Chakras Here

When you ground from the crown down, you can feel a deep sense of trust flood your entire body. Your bones and muscles can even feel more meditative. Grounding from the crown down is a fantastic simple practice that can help you develop a meditative mind and feel more trust.

Crown Chakra Practice for “Grounding Down From the Crown”:

Start by making a visual and mental connection with Deep Violet before you begin. Just spend 1-3 minutes (set a timer- see how fast it goes!) gazing with this Color Aroma affirmation:

crown chakra practice

Either sit in a chair with your legs uncrossed, firmly on the floor, or sit cross legged inviting your root to connect to the earth below you.

Next, begin some conscious breathing in and out through your nose. Click here if you need to awaken your purification chakra for deep breathing

As you breathe in, feel your lungs and skin gently rise toward the top and center of your head: as you breathe out, feel that breath energy drop from the top of your head down to your shoulders. With each exhale invite that breath energy to drop a little lower than your shoulders. With each inhale make your gentle invitation to the energy to lift to the top and center of your head. Set a timer for 1-3 minutes here and practice. Over time that will go by so quickly!

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On your next in breath imagine your breath Deep Violet in color- for more help visualizing, get the Deep Violet Color Aroma Oil (place drops under your nose and on your forehead) and the Deep Violet Color Aroma Mist to spritz in your room and around your body in your Aura. The colored glass bead on your bottles can help, too!


Imagine this Deep Violet breath
like a single stream of light gently floating up to your crown and with each out breath imagine the Deep Violet light melting like oozing warm caramel (deep violet in color) down to your shoulders, through your torso, pelvis and lower body settling your entire being onto the Earth in a meditative trusting state.

Each time you inhale silently recite: “I am meditative.”

Each time you exhale silently recite: “I can now trust. And so it is.”

Practice giving your body this energy from above often. The attitude is the body is receiving this energy without effort. Practice allowing the feeling of heaviness, of letting go, as you exhale—this “heaviness” will begin to represent a deep sense of being taken care of, to releasing the need to strategize or take action all the time, and invite a sense of allowing the meditative mind to create for and with you. Try it—you’ll like it!

I’m wearing Deep Violet from tip to toe right now. Color Aroma Oil, a deep violet blouse, deep violet sweater, deep violet socks. Conscious Colors all the way! 

Note- I do suggest grounding from the root up in the morning no matter what. Conscious attention in and with your root chakra (feet, calves, knees, thighs, lower pelvis, perineum, and hands) will help you feel your connection to yourself in physical form and the Earth plane. Very important since everyday we are in physical form!

Click Here for the Root Chakra Practice with Red Energy

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I hope to see you become a Color Aroma Therapist soon!

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