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Color Therapy Practice

Choose Color to Inspire Your Day

For me, wearing color is as natural as the sun coming up every morning. To choose color, I either let myself be guided to the color(s) that I’m drawn to or I consciously select the colors that will tune me into the moods that I’d like to be in.

Dressing colorfully isn’t for everyone, so here are some other really great (and easy) ways to consciously bring more color into your life to impact your day.

Use the Conscious Colors Color Guide to get clear on the mood(s) you want to align with.

Choose Color:


Click Here for a Detailed Color Overview

Enjoy mealtime as a great opportunity for Color Therapy:

Get a variety of solid-colored placemats that you can choose from.

Use colored glasses, mugs, bowls, and plates.

Eat more foods with your desired colors.

Consciously choose the color of your:


Bed sheets,


Home accents and furnishings (throw pillows are easy to find in many colors),

Use colored post-it notes, colored pens, paper, and clips in your office.

Find other objects you can see with your new color conscious eyes.

Colors are communicators. Observe & pay attention to which colors you’re attracted to and how they change. As you learn the well being benefits of the colors you’re attracted to, you can engage in some personal inquiry as to how your color preferences may relate to any physical and emotional changes you are experiencing.

Click Here for your Free Conscious Colors Guide to Color

Continue your conscious exploration of color by: Noticing the colors in your environment (home/work place) and exploring the predominant colors of your clothing & personal belongings. Are there overlaps? Which colors are missing?

Choose your Color Aroma Oils & Mists accordingly.

Apply Color Aroma Oils daily- morning and night to bring the energy of color inside your body.

Mist Color Aroma Mists often throughout your day to realign with your mood intentions and shift the energy around you, in any space.

Tune into how you feel with each color.

Meditate on one color at a time to fully absorb and engage with its color energy.

Most importantly, enjoy your colors!

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