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self acceptance

is there something better than self acceptance?

Self acceptance. You’ve heard all about it. It’s usually a popular self-help goal for most practitioners of self improvement and wellness. I know it has helped me over the years. Yet as I’ve expanded my
understanding and practice of how we can actually change our lives for the better,I’ve discovered that a goal of self acceptance can sometimes “trick” the mind into thinking it’s done and it can’t change. One can almost get to a “throwing the towel in” kind of feeling with self acceptance.

For instance, if you say to yourself: “I accept my body the way it is” it can feel very final. Certainly, it’s a lovely suggestion. Self acceptance can lead to self love. Yet there’s a way, energetically, that it sort of closes the door to anything else.

How about self allowing?

Lately I’ve been helping my clients reconsider reframing the “goal” of self acceptance into an offering of self allowing. The energy of allowing feels more flowing, more open-ended, more available to change, even amiable and perhaps kinder. Consider if you agree.

With self allowing you get to practice (and it is a practice for sure) releasing an attitude of pushing against or fighting. You get a chance to practice being with a particular reality, while leaving a door open to that reality transmuting into something else.

With self allowing you get to say to yourself: “I’m going to allow this state of being, AND I’m going to allow another one, too. I’m going to allow myself this emotion, AND I’m going to allow the space for another one, too.” CC-flower-text-pink-440x440

Allowing leads to loving, and loving is really the most wonderful mood isn’t it? With love, we can feel wonderful toward the self, others, our experiences, the environment, the world.

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Enjoy your transformation!

Constance Hart, Founder/Developer Conscious Colors – Color Aroma

Constance Hart is a Color Therapy Expert and Holistic Wellness Guide with over 26 years teaching experience. Click Here to Find out More