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A Sacral Chakra Meditation with Orange Color Therapy

This sacral chakra meditation will help your physical body by energetically assisting your internal water balance through your bladder and kidneys. A vitally important chakra since you are over 70% water in physical composition. Yet, your sacral chakra is even more important to your emotional well being as it helps you flow with your emotions. Did you know that the moon governs the oceans’ tides and that your emotional balance is also affected by the ocean and the moon? This is a hint as to how important the water element is to your overall emotional balance. There is a deep connection between water and emotions. The more you can flow with your emotions, the more overall health and well being you may actually enjoy.

Your chakra centers are inner energy centers at places within your body being that naturally draw in energy, circulate energy and expand life force energy from within you to around you. Tuning into your sacral chakra with Color Therapy is an ideal practice to wisely activate a specific frequency within your body that will serve the organs, glands and emotions related to this chakra.

Orange Color Therapy serves your Sacral Chakra first and foremost.

You’ll know when you need Orange Color Therapy when you are holding back your emotions and/or judging them. You’ll also find an attraction (or interestingly enough sometimes a repulsion) to the color orange when you are feeling stuck in the past, set in your ways, or unable to move forward with a new intention. Physical clues will be related to your bladder, kidneys, lower back and/or hips.

Bringing yourself into a more pleasing flow of energy in your sacral chakra can manifest through conscious exposure, engagement and absorption of the Orange Ray.

All change begins with a single thought.

Enjoy this sacral chakra meditation to encourage going with the flow.

Inhale your Orange Color Aroma Oil, Anoint your low belly and back

Read, Recite, Repeat with the Orange Ray in your Consciousness:

 “I now invite myself into this moment fully and presently. I am in present time, and as I breathe each deep breath I know that all the energy forces in the Universe seek to draw me forward into new energy. My energy is being renewed with each deep breath. I visualize my breath as orange light now. With each breath this orange light is flowing into all the water pathways in my body and providing its flowing nature to my nervous system. As I breathe these orange light breaths, fluidity and flexibility become a greater part of my being. With each new breath, I am inviting the ability to more easily go with the flow in my life.

I now focus my orange light breaths into the lagoon of my lower belly. I allow my belly to undulate softly in and out as I breathe. With each new breath I gently let my pelvis circulate softly and slowly to receive this new energy into my sacral chakra center- my inner energy center of change, flow, water and emotions. I rest my hands gently on my low belly and breathe my orange light breaths into my pelvis, low belly, hips, low back, wrists and forearms. My body is receiving creative energy to assist me in creatively flowing girth life’s changes. I can be fluid and flexible. I can flow with change gracefully. I can allow my emotions to flow, to open and move and guide me softly, gently. And so it is.”

Enjoy your new ease and flow!

Be sure to utilize your Orange Color Aroma Oil daily for best benefits.