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Purification Chakra Practice for Releasing Stress

Your purification chakra, Vissudha Chakra, energetically governs the area from your shoulders to your ears, and everything in between. This is a vitally important chakra: after all, its sanskrit name means “to purify,” and it is the physical bridge between the heart and the mind. In fact, most people will hold major tension in the purification chakra areas of the shoulders, neck and trapezius muscles at some point in life. These 3 areas actually work together as an energetic support system to what I call the “psychic doorway.” This is an important minor chakra portal at the junction of the nape of the neck and the occipital ridge at the back of the head. Isn’t its name telling? My Purification Chakra Practice will help you relieve tension.

In my decades of serving private clients I’ve seen tension that lives in the shoulders, neck and trapezius muscles as a personal reminder to check in with one’s heart and mind and see if they are feeling harmony. Simply inviting yourself to have consciousness around “Are my heart and mind in harmony right now?” can help relieve tension!

Here’s a worthwhile and simple Purification Chakra Practice:

Spritz the Pale Blue Color Aroma Mist around you and in your practice space. Inhale the peaceful aroma of the color Pale Blue and visualize a circle of space around you Pale Blue in color, providing you which energy of peace and contentment.

Set yourself up in table top position: on hands & knees, shoulder width

and hip distance apart respectively, and enjoy “cow – cat” poses, as this picture demonstrates in this order (Bitilasana & Marjaryasana): with your gentle focus on your elevated thought “My heart and mind are in harmony now.”
purification chakra practice
When you are in cat pose (b) imagine the space between the back of your ears at the back of your head expanding wide horizontally, with a deep conscious breath and when you are in cow pose (a) your deep conscious breath is sending all the in-lightened energy from your heart’s feelings and desires into your mind through your psychic doorway. Enjoy your journey!

Color Therapy Purification Chakra Practice for Being in Present Time:

Imagine your breath gold in color, golden light and Breathe into your navel center slowly and mindfully. Let your navel represent your own personal bridge between past and future. Let your navel center be your “present time check-in point.” Just let yourself visit your golden navel breathing practice when you feel you need to. Perhaps when you are feeling anxious about the future or when you are focusing on comparing past to present or future. The gold ray is a beautiful blend of orange (fluid, flexible, flowing) and yellow (clear, joyful, confident) energy frequencies. Gold is present, wise and centered. Ahhhhhhh

My humble, yet professional, suggestion for being present and at ease?
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