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Using Color Therapy Affirmations

Color Therapy Affirmations can change your life for the better, because positive affirmations are so powerful! Have you heard that 1 positive word has more power than 100 negative ones?
Your thoughts and words so greatly influence your body’s energy that consciously choosing positive words over negating ones has a positive influence. In my chakra yoga classes I teach, “Where the mind goes energy flows.”Practicing setting your mind on positive thoughts is a start to creating a more positive energy frequency in your body. When you consistently focus your mind on positive thoughts, the energy in your body will radiate a positive frequency, and because like attracts like (in our quantum world), you will find yourself attracting more positive people, places, things and experiences into your life. Good news!

Louise Hay’s classic book Heal Your Body illuminated how the use of healing affirmations can harness the power of the mind to help heal. The most simple affirmation starting with “I am.” The “I am” affirmation intro has simplicity, but actually it is the most powerful strong statement as it gleans you into a state of ownership of whatever follows it.

I love affirmations! The Color Aroma Oils and Mists utilize “I am” affirmations to convey the Benefits of the Color Therapy benefits they offer. These affirmations certainly help you change your life for the better, but I recognize that you may not always feel ready to fully declare “I am.”

Let me recommend some other potent affirmation intros you can utilize to help you affirm your conscious intentions:

“I am willing to__________”
“I am open to ____________”
“I am calling in__________”
“I am breathing with______”
“I am inviting ___________”
“I am asking for _________”
“I am ready for___________”

I invite you to play with your own affirmation intros and discover what feels most true for you in any given moment. Even an affirmation like “I am taking a baby step toward_________” is a step in a new direction and can create much positive change.

I always say “all change begins with a single thought,” and a positive affirmation is a great place to start.

To take another step further, be sure to connect your positive affirmation with a color. Of course I’ve made it easy for you with the Color Therapy affirmations connected to each Color Aroma, because they are related to the actual emotional harmonics of that particular color, but if you start connecting a particular color you like with one particular positive affirmation you can use this as powerful Color Therapy in your daily life. Just train yourself to gently say that affirmation to yourself whenever you see that color. Make it like a game and enjoy being on the lookout for that particular color. You’ll start to crave it as you’re going to start to want to hear that positive affirmation over and over again.

And remember: your sense of smell is your most powerful sense- the one that creates long lasting memories in your mind, so utilizing the Color Aroma Therapy will take your positive affirmations to a much higher level of realization.

Enjoy your exploration!
Constance Hart
Your Color Therapy Expert
Your Well Being Guide

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