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The Subtle Energy Body

Let’s Make the Complex Subtle Energy Body Easier to Understand!

Do you know that your subtle energy body is what’s really “running the show” of you?

Look at you… energy channels/points/centers/energy flow. Wow! Complex, right?!

There’s this whole intricate network of energy within your subtle energy body that’s “behind the scenes” of your daily physical, mental, and emotional experiences. This energy is made up of energy channels, points, centers, and flows that are truly attempting to work together to support your inherent state of optimal health and wellness for you and with you. Challenges occur when disharmony occurs between the physical you and the energy you.

Have you heard “awareness is the first step?” This pretty much applies to any subject, but I find it’s immensely helpful in reducing the stress that can result from feeling like you’re doing “all the right things,” but your body is doing something else. Have you had that experience?

You may feel this way because your body being not only wants energy flowing to and through your chakras (inner energy centers that govern organs, glands, major systems in your physical body), it wants particular qualities of energy, too. Energy that can either 1) support 2) enhance 3) stimulate or 4) soothe, depending upon the particular needs of the body.

Yikes! How do you know what is needed? Does this sound complex, too?

chakra_7.16Perhaps, but this is where the elegant chakra system, with its 7 major energy centers and 7 key energy qualities come in to “save the complex day” and make you (in energy form) much easier to understand, embrace, and support.

Consciousness about the chakra centers, and wisdom of how to support them, can be your new allies to feeling overall harmony between the physical you and the energy you.


Conscious Colors Therapy provides a clear way to understand the depth of a chakra’s overall function, simply by experiencing the color’s deepest, most vital, benefit. The color itself is actually a living example of the energy living within you.

You can begin to attune yourself with these 3 easy steps:

First, simply practice feeling into each color, you can actually feel their potent differences.


















Next, breath into each chakra’s emanating point, between the front body and back body, inside your body, at these locations.

Finally, speak the chakra affirmations above into yourself in these areas. Give it a try for 7 days (7 is such a powerful number after all) and see how much more present and clear about yourself you feel.

The deepest way to experience these benefits and differences of the color’s chakra?

Color Aroma: because your nose knows!

As you experience the scent of color, your mood starts to shift, and as you fell yourself shift your chakra balance does, too.

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