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“I am Loving” Pink Meditation

This I am Loving Meditation Practice  is super easy and the meditation can take as little as 5 minutes! Read through the instructions 1st to prepare. Then, bring to mind what you are desiring more love around right now.

Make yourself and your space super cozy and comfy: soft pillows, blanket, scrumptious socks. Wear pink if you like! Light a candle if you prefer. Mist the room with your Pink Color Aroma Mist. Dim the lights.  Sit in a comfortable seated position. 
Give yourself a few “making space” breaths of your I am loving meditation: Inhale through nose, exhale out through mouth (with sound). The intention here is to inhale space for newness, exhale with a sense of letting go and an intention to create even more space for your next inhale. Once you feel simultaneously more empty and more full, it’s time to move into solely nostril breathing. As you inhale and exhale through your nose your body is actually helping your brain to feel more balanced. (your left nostril brings prana-chi to the right brain, your right nostril serve the left hemisphere of your brain). Let yourself look for and notice a feeling of balanced breathing.
Now simply imagine your breath Pink in color.
With your imagination mind Inhale this Pink breath up into your eyes and the center of your head. Exhale this Pink breath into your throat, your heart center and your low belly. Each breath in each of these areas is an offering of love. Breathing Pink into your eyes allows you to see and recognize love. Breathing Pink in your head allows your mind to think loving thoughts. Breathing Pink in your throat allows you to speak lovingly (and thus receive loving speech from others). Breathing Pink into your heart center allows your heart to give and receive love. Breathing Pink in your low belly allows you to feel loving emotions. Enjoy your pink breathing for as long as feels inviting. 
Now you’re ready to anoint your Pink Color Aroma Oil on your palms, inhale the scent of Pink, and recite your script. Apply your Pink “I am loving” energy to the place(s) that most spoke to you: either forehead/back of head, neck, chest/upper back, low belly/low back in your breath meditation.  Click Here to Order “I am Loving”
The Color Aroma oil can help commit these intentions to memory (without your remembering), as that’s one of the most wonderful attributes of your olfactory system (sense of smell). However, the more you practice intention + Color Aroma the greater the benefits.
Enjoy your conscious deep breathing and enjoy Pink this month and always!