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Color Therapy Practice

Green Color Therapy for Balance

This Green Color Therapy practice provides the gift of balance. The color green lies directly in the middle of the visible light spectrum, lending a major clue to its true identity as the master balancer. Interesting, though, is in green’s two fractions, yellow and blue, lie opposite effects. Yellow is stimulating and Blue is calming. Yet, when blended together, a perfect balance is achieved. green color therapy
Green is also the balancing color energy between violet and red. In this way, Green is known as the spiritual balancer between “Heaven and Earth.” If you look at the visible spectrum image above, you’ll see how green lies in the middle of these extremes: red representing Earth, violet representing “heaven.”

Green’s vibrational effect on your physical body and psyche can certainly offer a balancing of extremes. I always tune myself to the green ray energy when I find myself caught in an “extreme,” which, by the way, is as simple as “too much” or “too little” of anything!

Springtime is usually generous to us with an abundance of greenery, now you can take advantage and 1) let your eyes receive 2) let your nose breathe and 3) let your consciousness reveal to you the benefits of Conscious Green Color Therapy. If you’ve been in a do-do-doing state, you may find more “being” revealing itself. If you’ve been in a be-be-being state (to the point if feeling lazy), you may find more “doing” revealing itself.

Daily Balance Practice:

Choose a time frame to explore: hourly, by 1/2 day, by day, by week.
Take a sheet of paper and divide into two columns : BEING……..DOING
At the end of your chosen time frame make a general list of how you spent your time.
Separate your list respectively into the two columns.
Use this as an awareness-stimulator! Make changes accordingly (to your desire).
For extra benefit: use green paper!

Take your Green Color Therapy Daily Balance to a Deeper Level:

We can talk about balance as much as we want, and we can think about balance, but the deepest way I’ve discovered to create a shift around balance is to actually use our sense of smell to create a lasting mood memory.

The Color Aroma I’ve created to create the green ray through the Scent of Color includes essential oils of rosewood, geranium and spruce to Inspire the Mood of Green which is:
“I am Balanced.” The practice is simple: inhale, recite, apply.

Color Aroma Oils infuse your body with the frequency of balance.
Color Aroma Mists infuse your living and work spaces with green energy.

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