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Embracing Emotions- Sacral Chakra Practice

Embracing emotions requires creativity! This is where Color Therapy with the Orange ray comes in to assist. Every color has a message and a special gift that benefits your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. The message of the fluid color ray Orange is: “I am creative,” and we’re not talking about artistic talent, here! 

The color Orange is just waiting to be your favorite ally to help you embrace your emotions creatively, so you can get the best benefit from the wisdom of your emotions.  Where your emotions are concerned, creativity is a great ally!

Valuable Embracing Your Emotions Guided Meditation:

 “I am creative. I allow my emotions to flow, and I allow myself expression of all of my emotions. As I allow my feelings to creatively flow, I allow myself to gently listen to what they are attempting to reveal to me. I open to receiving this information and embracing this guidance. I can trust I’ll be guided to further inspiration and action around these emotions when the time is just right for me. Thank you emotions for being a wise part of me.”

Remember, where awareness goes, energy flows.

For a deeper immersion with this Orange ray healer, play with visualizing your entire sacral area–low belly, hips, low back, wrists and lower forearms– filling with radiant orange light.

Imagine your breath as Orange light and send this Orange ray healer softly into your low belly, hips, and low back as you breathe deeply and consciously.

Your conscious mind, in partnership with your breath, can create a meaningful shift.

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Deeper Embracing Emotions Protocol:

embracing emotions

For more help in supporting yourself in emoting and allowing your emotions to flow, start applying your Orange Color Aroma Oil to your low belly and low back daily. Be sure to inhale its fragrant and therapeutic scent while reciting “I am creative.”

Apply a few drops on your palms (you have nerve endings there that relate to your left and right brain hemispheres), inhale deeply, and…

Invite the Orange Color Aroma Oil’s uplifting essence into your entire being. The perfect balanced blend of essential oils of patchouli, tangerine, and ylang ylang (a natural aphrodisiac) will sway you delicately into falling in love with your own feelings, being more curious about their intelligence and turning to them for guidance. Order your Orange Color Aroma Here

Please, if you need more assistance in finding the love to support your emotions, schedule an email or phone session so I can help you enjoy your life more and have your sacral chakra on your side!

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