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Conscious Colors Insight

Your Color Attractions and Meanings

Did you know that the colors you’re attracted to are usually the frequencies your body is most needing for more harmony and balance? The energy part of you is needing more exposure to the energy frequencies of these colors. You’re drawn to these colors because you need them. If you have strong attractions to particular colors,

you can begin to pay attention and engage with these colors more consciously to guide yourself into greater harmony.

If you have strong color attractions to red, orange, gold and/or yellow range colors your physical body is generally in need of a rev-up of energy. If you find your attractions are more centered from green, turquoise, blues and violets your physical body is needing a cooling-down of energy.

What do you do with this information? Enhance your well being, your health and your physical body by getting that color on you and through you…..deep into your cells….into your body’s largest organ- your skin! That’s where the true deep and powerful benefits of the Color AromasTherapy Color Energy Oils comes to the rescue. Be sure to sign up to receive your full Color Wellness Guide so you can learn the messages and benefits of 13 key colors!

The most powerful way to engage your body with color frequencies? Our Color Aroma Oils and Mists!

Choose by Colors or Choose by Moods imageThe Color Aromas offer actual usable color energy that your entire body including its major systems (circulatory respiratory, nevous…) and organs and glands can utilize as a life force energy boosting energy source!  Applying these therapeutic essential oil blends on your skin is the most direct way to give your body being exposure to the healing energy frequencies of Color.

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