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Chakra Yoga and Color Therapy are connected

Are you wondering how Color Therapy relates to Yoga? Great! I’m happy to help explain. Yoga is actually the foundation and birth place of all the Conscious Colors programs, courses, and practices I’ve created and teach. I’ve been a most committed, diligent, passionate student of what some call the more “esoteric,” consciousness-raising practices of yoga, and while it’s true that it’s not necessarily easy to explain, I’ve always found it an intriguing and exciting endeavor! Much of what you’ll find about the chakra system in the oldest-written yoga texts are in Sanskrit, in poem-like format, and not always translated into English. However, one thing you will find is that when the cakra system (correct Sanskrit spelling) is mentioned, a reference to energy and color is made. Click Here for Free Cakra Guide

I loved this right away, because on an intuitive psychic level I’ve always known that Color had an effect on the bodymindspirit, and that color and energy coexist. After all, Color IS energy! Once I started practicing yoga meditation I began to experience more sensation and awareness of my energy body, as well as deeper levels of inner visualizations involving color and light. You can have this experience too.

There is so much more to yoga than what most westerners have come to know as a physical practice aimed at improving flexibility and/or physical condition. While it’s true that your physical strength,flexibility and tone can improve through an asana yoga practice, asana is actually only 1/8 of the total scope of the philosophy known as yoga. (asana means pose or posture) Yoga also encompasses meditation, deep breathing, focused awareness and consciousness-raising practices that help shift your experience of being merely physical in form. The word Yoga translates to the word yoke or union in English. The deeper you travel into the philosophy and practices of yoga, the deeper your awareness of your subtle energy body becomes and how this energy body is connected to the whole (environment/emotions/thoughts/experiences/Universe). This is certainly what has happened, and continues to expand, for me in my yoga practice….union…wholeness. In truth, we can access greater wisdom of the quantum world of energy through yoga, and a quantum experience of energy always includes light (color) and sound, and as I’ve uniquely come to illuminate, scent.

A perfect place to begin to explore the relationship between energy and color is yoga, because as you practice conscious deep breathing practices (pranayama), your senses get finely tuned and your ability to sense is heightened. In fact, the possibility is that your entire bodymindspirit can shift into a state of higher consciousness. You will find yourself becoming more sensitive (in a very good away), you may even begin to see colors and/or images internally when your eyes are closed. You may feel a sensation on your body almost like ‘electricity,’ and you may want to understand this more deeply. In addition, your connection to the “power” of your conscious mind and your ability to direct your thoughts, as well as receive information form your higher mind can increase.

The yoga practices I was most attracted to (and still am) always relate to a deeper discovery about internal energy movement and expansion. Yoga does teach that how we carry ourselves in our daily life, what we eat, how we sit, move, think and breathe all create and affect our physical and energy bodies. Since Color IS Energy and since humans actually see, understand and engage with Color on a daily basis, Color is the perfect vehicle to help make a deeper connection to the unseen energy forces within the entire body being. After all, what is at the heart of each cell in the body? Energy!

To learn more about where energy is housed in the body, how energy moves throughout the body, what increases energy in the body and how to move this inner energy consciously, how energy affects the mind, emotions and physical body, a focused Chakra Yoga practice will help. In 1999, I created a unique form of yoga specific to raising one’s energy to a state of higher consciousness called Chakra Restorative Yoga™. This practice combines conscious exposure to Color Energy with specific yoga practices focused on the chakra system including meditation, pranayama (deep breathing), mudras, mantras and visualization. The Color Aromas Therapy is utilized to deeply impact the experience through our strongest sense of all: our sense of smell.

For now you may meditate deeply with the Cakra image above and get a sense of the expansion that is on its way to you when you connect Color and Yoga!

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