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Color Therapy Tip

Consciously Utilizing Red & Pink in February

Have you noticed the predominance of pink and red everywhere this month?  February is typically the month we are inundated with pink and red, due to Valentine’s Day, so let’s take advantage of this helpful self-balancing color combination with some color therapy guidance.

Red is the slowest moving frequency in the visible spectrum.  This is helpful to you and your body’s energy system, as it helps to ground and root you.  If you feel scattered or nervous, Red’s color energy can help to center your physical energy. DEEP Red is helpful for healing issues with the physical body.

Pink is simply red with white light added.  This means its frequency offers a slightly faster moving vibration than red.  Pink’s effect on your energy system is usually that of soothing and comfort.  Pink is helpful for healing issues with the mind. So, right here you have a perfect Color Therapy Balancing Combo.  Body & Mind have an opportunity to come together in greater harmony (as they are always intended to be).




Exposure to the Color Energy Rays is easy through your sense of sight, but that’s actually the most superficial form of Color Therapy.  When you utilize you olfactory system (your sense of smell) you have a much deeper response to color energy.

But how can you get color to infiltrate your nose?  Color Aroma – the scent of color!  Now you breathe the healing therapeutic aspects of color energy through pure essential oils that come from plants & flowers.  Essential oils are really the heart and soul of the plant’s essence and offer you the MOST concentrated form of the energy of sunlight through the visible spectrum.

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