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Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy for New Year’s Weight Loss

Your great Color Aroma Therapy solution for jump-starting a great weight loss plan? Pink! The Color Energy Message of Pink is self love and it goes a long way to creating the energy environment to a new slimmer body. Learn all about the wellness benefits of Pink Color Therapy in this post. The Pink Color Aroma Oil is the perfect blend of pink grapefruit, lavender and palmarosa essential oils that offers just the right combo for activating your metabolism PLUS soothing your mental state PLUS maintaining and developing a positive emotional outlook.

Here’s more on how to utilize the color Pink in your daily life to create positive change:

Start engaging with the color Pink consciously to create a shift the energy environment that your physical body lives in. If your body can function from a foundation of gentle loving kindness, self acceptance and unconditional love (all the energy qualities that the pink ray provides), it can delight in serving you with the changes you wish it to make.  A simple practice is to imagine any area of your body you are requesting a shift in filling with soft pink light frequency. Did you know your body is more energy matter than physical matter? It’s true! So we want to speak to the energy matter version of you with its energy vibration/frequency match. When you invite a change of inner energy to resonate with the pink ray you are allowing a softer, more gentle and accepting you to come forth while you start a new fitness, wellness and.or health plan.

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The best way to offer your body this frequency is through the largest organ, your skin! So applying the Color Aroma essential oil right on the skin is going to allow the frequency to penetrate into the cells and change what I call the energy signature of the body. In this case it will shift to that of pink and start to embody the qualities listed above! As you are practicing the visualization, you can inhale the aromatic scent of the pink ray and recite “I am loving” into your body.

Some additional affirmations you can customize personally by body part:

“I’m inviting loving energy into my tummy so that it can change now.”

“I see myself loving my tummy.”

“I look forward to loving my arms even more.”

Enjoy breathing in the healing scent of the Pink Color Aroma Oil and Mist and delight in that you are creating new long lasting memories with your affirmations, because your sense of smell is your strongest most powerful sense!

All change begins with a single thought and with Color Aroma this change is long lasting.

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Enjoy your exploration,

Constance Hart, Color Therapy Expert, Founder/Developer Conscious Colors – Color Aroma