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Color Therapy Tip

Color Therapy for Pregnancy

Are you expecting?  If so, I can’t stress enough how you need to fill your energy storage tank up!  After all, you and your energy body are serving 2 (or more) now, and that simply is going to require a fill-up more often. Can Color Therapy tools help you while you’re expecting? Absolutely! Color can provide

a way to tune your moods, to inspire your moods and emotions on a daily basis while you are navigating the many changes and demands on your body that pregnancy provides.

How to consciously engage with color ? Well, each color has a gift or a benefit for your bodymindspirit.


Once you have a sense of the colors that you need exposure to, you can get to work engaging with these colors, surrounding yourself with them, and tuning into their messages and benefits.

Here’s a basic prescription for expectant mothers:

Pink- the energy of self love, so you can be gentle with yourself through all the changes with your body.

Bright Red- increases circulation, really good for tired legs and edema, water retention

Gold- helps you soothe emotional ups and downs, helps you feel centered in present time, less anxious about the future

Orange- support and nourishment for your creation center, your belly, a natural aphrodisiac (stay in love with this process!) and an overall natural anti-depressant

Green- helps you feel balanced while your life force energy is in “giving” mode, helps you to give to yourself a sense of harmony

Pale Blue- the best healer for insomnia, helps to soothe headache tension and muscle aches, the color fix for overall calming and a simple, yet needed ahhhhhhhh









Here are some easy ways to start supplementing your life with this Color Therapy:

Where do you spend a lot of time?  Your bedroom? Office?  Kitchen?

Decorate, embellish, enliven with your desired colors.

Next, write the coordinating messages out.  Set them in a prominent place (next to your dinner placement perhaps), next to a toilet roll dispenser, on your vanity.

What you think about you create, so as you charge your mind up with these positive messages and give yourself some regular exposure to the color frequencies that align with them you can start creating your new reality!

The best way to reap the many benefits from Color Energy?  Actually bring them into your body through the Color Aroma Oils  Your skin is your largest organ, your sense of smell is your strongest most powerful sense. The Color Aromas influence both and utilize your olfactory system to positively affect your nervous system, cells and memories.  In as little as 30 minutes you will feel a positive shift!


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Constance Hart
Founder/Developer/Color Intuitive
Conscious Colors – Color Aroma